Green Roof project

Recycled materials and applications

People building shelter with rooftiles made from recycled cartons

We initiated the Green Roof campaign to turn cartons into roofing sheets for emergency shelters, working with the Thai Red Cross and Big C, which promotes collection in over 150 stores. In this corporate social responsibility campaign, Tetra Pak partners with four organizations – a retailer, a local foundation, a recycler and a government agency. The campaign targets consumers, aiming at educating them about recycling and how to recycle cartons. Consumers can then separate their used carton packages and return them to collection points at Big C stores. The packages are then sent for recycling – the end product of their recycling is rooftiles. The eco rooftiles (known locally as “Green Roof”) are donated to communities who suffered damaged from storms or floods, in support of re-building efforts. 

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Friend in Need (of “Pa”) Volunteers Foundation, Big C Super Center

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