​​​​​​​Exponential growth for sustainable cartons

The number of Forest Stewardship Council(FSC)-labelled packages delivered has grown exponentially since the first such package was produced in 2007. By 2009, the annual total had climbed to 1.5 billion, reaching 18 billion in 2011 and 54 billion by 2015. By spring 2019, we had delivered a total of 500 billion FSC-labelled packages since production began. ​

A history of innovation

With the launch of the world’s first FSC-certified Tetra Pak® package with J Sainsbury in 2007, the number of cartons bearing the FSC logo increased steadily each year, accelerating in the last three years. The environment is top of mind for consumers and is expected to be an even more relevant topic in the years ahead. Tetra Pak’s recent environmental research shows that there is an ever-growing trend of consumers interested in environmental issues, one in two consumers now look for environmental logos on the products they buy​.

Meeting growing demand

Consumers looking for environmental logos when shopping is a growing trend, rising from 37% of consumers saying they are always and often looking for environmental logos on the products they buy in 2013, to 54% in 2019*.

Widely recognised as the highest global certification standard for forest management, the FSC logo enables consumers to choose brands that are committed to sustainable forestry, with 30% of consumers globally having seen or heard of the FSC label*. Collaboration with customers is key to driving sustainability across supply chains.​