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Children recycling cartons in school with a banner explaining the process

"One Second of Action, Save Environment" programme was launched in 2019 in Hanoi city by Tetra Pak in collaboration with local government. The main objectives of programme are education, access and carton recycling. It is structured to help schools to get access to the carton collection and recycling system, to support the city to reduce solid waste and save costs in waste collection and waste treatment, which all will lead to an increase in recycling rates. The programme is perceived as a successful pilot and model for waste segregation at the source in Hanoi city. 

It started with 800 schools then expand to 1600 schools, covering 25 districts in Hanoi city. It has so far engaged more than 1 million children and 40,000 teachers in carton collection and waste segregation daily and influenced to more than 2 million families to join and support the program at home.

People on stage presenting school recycling programme

Through the programme, more than 460 tons of cartons have been collected and recycled into useful recycled products.

With strong support of the Hanoi government and the Department of Education (DONRE), the programme is expected to expand to all schools in Hanoi city, hence reaching each household in Hanoi to promote carton packages segregation and collection. The school recycling programme will then be turned into a comprehensive home recycling initiative.

Children in the streets with banner explaining recycling

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