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Consumer awareness

Man recycling a carton package

We partnered with L-PAK in launching a new state-of-the-art recycling line for cartons and produced a video to raise awareness about carton recycling among consumers in Russia.

The main idea of the video is to show that carton packages are a valuable resource and can be fully recycled. In addition, it speaks directly to the important role consumers play: every single person can make the difference in improving recycling by disposing of their used cartons in separate/segregated waste collection bins, which are sent to a recycling facility.

The video shows the recycling process at L-PAK, a recycling facility in Russian which recycles carton packages into corrugated carton. It talks about the number of useful products that can be produced out of the recycled cartons, and the positive impact sustainability practices, such as separate waste collection and recycling, have on climate.

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