Competence development to boost your business

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We support you to increase employee engagement and improve operational performance, to drive sustainable growth of your business. With dedicated instructors and experts in the ​​field, our Training Services provide your staff the knowledge and guidance they need to perform at their best.

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  • Increase workforce competence, safety and motivation

  • Safeguard product quality

  • Ensure food safety

  • Optimise operational cost

  • Improve reliability and production efficiency

  • Reach and sustain performance targets

Training Services at a glance

Optimal operational performance depends on having the right competencies throughout your plant. Training Services is your key to unlocking your staff’s full potential.

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Our offering

Through our comprehensive global training offering, we design and deliver targeted training and education adapted to your needs, at your site or in one of our training centres worldwide.

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Competence Development Programmes

From operators to managers: they all contribute to performance and quality in production. Our Competence Development Programmes are customised to coach and develop all your staff, and to make sure you have the right competence throughout your plant.

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By assessing the competence and knowledge of your operators, we identify where they should concentrate their competence development efforts to improve production performance. Based on that, we provide you with a customised training proposal.

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Operations Training

Our Operations Training courses give your staff the skills to operate your equipment safely and efficiently. The training includes a mix of theoretical and practical lessons, focusing on a practical approach to learning. We also offer Operator Certification that verifies that your operators have the right knowledge to operate specific machines.

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Maintenance Training

Our Maintenance Training courses give your staff the skills to maintain your equipment safely and efficiently. This training will provide your staff with theoretical and practical knowledge of the different parts and functions of the equipment, to optimise your performance and equipment lifetime.

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Automation Training

Our Automation Training courses give your staff the skills they need to understand the essentials of automation as well as how to operate and maintain different Tetra Pak automation systems such as Packaging Line Monitoring System and Tetra Pak® PlantMaster.

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Food Technology Training

Food Technology Training gives your staff the knowledge they need to better understand what happens to products when they are being processed in our equipment. That understanding will help your staff improve both performance and quality in production.

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Food Safety and Quality Training

Our food safety and quality assurance training courses build and maintain your staff’s skills to consistently secure your desired product quality. That helps you reach assuring quality levels and reduce cost caused by deviations.

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Training tailored to your needs

In order to provide optimal training for your staff, we first assess to understand your staffs’ knowledge gaps. In the next step, we design a competence development plan. We then deliver the training at your site or at one of our training centres and secure knowledge transfer through evaluations.

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Our competence development programmes

Assess – Train – Certify:

Assessments: observation, written test, interview

Train: theory, practice, questionnaires, evaluations

Certification: written test, observation

Microlearnings (connected work force):

Get access to our extensive microlearning library of video tutorials and Standard Operating Procedures anywhere. It enables competence development in blended learning format.

A customer reduced their unsterility cases by 55%

How a food and beverage company reduced its unsterility cases by 55%

One of the customer’s plants had a high number of unsterility cases, due to lack of knowledge among the operators. By combining assessment and training with parallel initiatives the customer was able to reduce unsterility cases by 55% at the plant.

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