200 billion FSC™ labelled packages

Tetra Pak will have delivered 200 billion packages labelled with the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) logo by the end of April 2016.

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Environmental activities in Iran

Environment now forms part of Tetra Pak’s strategy 2020. Our role is to lead implementation of this strategy and support the integration throughout Tetra Pak.

Recycling in Iran

One of our goals is to achieve 40% global recycling rate by 2020. The aim is to recycle all the materials in the used beverage cartons; paper board, polymer and Aluminium. Today, used beverage cartons are recycled in Iran producing different useful products. 

What happens to used beverage cartons in Iran?

Used beverage cartons have been recycled in Iran since 2008. The recycling factory close to Tehran collects beverage cartons from our customers, leading dairy and juice manufacturers and other sources, and recycles both the paper and Poly-Aluminum (all together) into various useful products. In 2015, we facilitated to recycle over 4,000 tonnes of Used Beverage Cartons (UBCs) in Iran. Today, all our major customers have put up balers on the plant premises, which enables them to send factory waste to the recycler. Our efforts to increase beverage carton recycling is an ongoing process and we aim to  enhance recycling tonnage in Iran by bringing more stakeholders on board and support plans to increase the recycling capacity.

Sustainable sourcing (FSC™)

Globally we aim to offer packages based 100% on renewable materials and secure 100% FSC™-certified paperboard. Tetra Pak Iran is FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) certified and therefore able to provide FSC board to all customers. In 2015 and for the very first time, FSC™ labelled packaging was introduced in the market through our packages – a significant milestone in Iran.

Today, more customers in Iran are using FSC™ labelling on their packages for two main reasons: Support sustainable sourcing and increase consumer awareness towards saving natural resources. We aim to promote FSC™ deployment among all our customers and hope that in the near future, all of our customers will be using FSC™ board for their packaging material.

Kids Environment Festivals

In order to promote beverage carton recycling and increasing public awareness, together with our customers and local NGOs, Tetra Pak Iran has held various programs engaging stakeholders such as school children. Kids Environment Festivals Program, as it is called, was a series of events where thousands of children, school officials and parents got together to learn about the nature of our packaging material, renewability and beverage carton recycling through fun-filled games and activities. In every event, free milk and juices products were distributed among the audience. A local NGO, Plan4Land, actively supported us through the development and implementation of the whole program.

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