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How we do it

With a rapidly growing global population and diminishing resources, as a society we need to do more with less. These global forces are now shaping new market expectations and the expectations of customers. That’s why we constantly strive to develop new, innovative solutions that reduce the environmental footprint of our products and services across their life cycle, from the raw materials we source through to the end of their life. We are also actively working to significantly minimise our operational footprint and impact. By protecting the environment, we are securing our future growth as well as societal development.

Our environmental efforts have a significant social impact throughout our value chain. Upstream, we expect our suppliers to comply with our social and environmental criteria. In many cases we are engaged in the development of leading sustainability practices and standards. Downstream, we are informing consumers about responsible waste management and recycling, while also helping to create socio-economic value for communities through the use of recyclable materials. Our work under Futures combines our efforts to support sound environmental development, strengthen communities and contribute to sustainable food value chains.

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Engaging customers

Our goal is to create and share value for and with our customers through our products and services.

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Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing means looking at what we purchase beyond the more traditional aspects of cost, quality and delivery time.

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Environmental impact

We are working with suppliers and customers to minimise our environmental impact across the entire value chain, from sourcing to production, use to disposal.

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Post-consumer recycling

We are always thinking about the broader impact of our operations on the environment and society, and we believe that post-consumer recycling is an investment in our future.


Futures Performance

Our stories

Man recycling at ALDI supermarket

Partnering to change consumer behaviour, Switzerland

For the first time in Switzerland, consumers can be confident that beverage cartons will be separated and recycled. With the potential to save the equivalent of more than 11,000 football fields of forest.

Lactalis strawberry yogurt packages

Drinking yoghurt: moving away from plastic, Sweden

Our customer in Sweden, Skånemejerier, was looking for a sustainable alternative carton for its drinking yoghurts and turned to us to assist.


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