​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak & MILO® UHT to Recycle 8.5mil Drink Packs to Build Homes for East Coast Flood Victims​

The CAREton Project 2015 sets target of 8.5mil drink packs for 25 homes. Tetra Pak to ​​​match collections for additional 25 homes with the support of MILO® UHT​

Tetra Pak (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., supported by MILO® UHT, today announced​​ that The CAREton Project 2015. Consumer recycling campaign will target to collect 8.5mil used drink packs from the public and recycle them into 1,150 roofing tiles. 25 home will be build for affected flood victims in the east coast. 

Tetra Pak matched the targeted amount of roofing tiles raised by the public. Thus increasing the number of houses which can be constructed up to a total of 50 homes. Social enterprise EPIC Homes collaborated with The CAREton Project. From the past two years they build homes for the Orang Asli communities. Tetra Pak building new homes for east coast flood victims. They are also managing the roofing tiles distribution to other villages that are in need. 

Terrynz Tan, Environment Director for Tetra Pak Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines & Indonesia. Director explained that the needs of Malaysians in the east coast were dire and should not be overlooked. “The east coast floods were devastating and displaced tens of thousands of people. Many evacuees since returned to their villages they remain homeless due to prolonged flooding. ​ Hence, we have decided to commit The CAREton Project 2015’s collection towards rebuilding efforts to help victims. Who are in need of roofing tiles for a new home,” she said.

Each nine by four feet roofing tile requires 7,247 recycled drink packs to make. It is made out of compressed poly aluminium. It is a lightweight, water and heat resistant, and highly durable material. The drink packs are recycled at KPT Recycle Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia’s largest carton recycling facility and Tetra Pak recycling partner. Tetra Pak drink packs are 75% paper, 20% plastic, 5% aluminium and 100% recyclable.

Growing recycling efforts through collaboration

In 2014, an announcement has been made regarding the success of The CAREton Project. The project surpassed collection targets by almost 40% totalling 7.2mil drink packs. This will contribute to 20 home builds for underprivileged Orang Asli communities in Batang Kali, also by EPIC Homes. 

Jasmmine Wong, Business Executive Manager, Nestlé Liquid Drinks lauded the project’s success. She said, “This is the fifth year of our collaboration with Tetra Pak. We are very proud to be a part of this recycling initiative. Over the years, Malaysians becoming so receptive towards our MILO® UHT in ready-to-drink packs. We want them to continue recycling their used drink packs to help The CAREton Project. Project achieves the required targets and help our fellow Malaysians in the east coast.”

Last December, over 50 employees, relative and friends from both Tetra Pak and MILO® UHT joined hands. Joined with the experts from EPIC Homes to complete the 10th home built. The used roofing tiles made from recycled used drink packs.

Social enterprise EPIC Homes, who are the beneficiary for The CAREton Project 2015. They have already begun rebuilding efforts in the east coast. “Our focus has always been on providing homes for the underprivileged. When we saw the damage the last flood caused, we wanted to do more than just providing homes. With so many organisations working individually on-ground, many flood victims are receiving the help they need. But many are being left out as well, especially those who are in more rural areas. When we realized that there was a dire need to identify villages and areas that needed rebuilding. We created a non-profit collaborative platform.  We believe that this will serve as a central database for all who want to help". Said by John-Son Oei, Founder and CEO of EPIC Homes. 

“To make things easier for NGOs. Organisations and individuals willing to aid the rebuilding process of homes in the east coast. So we launched The Project House Relief website. Here anyone can help with the distribution and identification of areas that needs will be channelled to. We are grateful for the partnership with Tetra Pak. This shared passion to offer sustainable housing solutions to communities in need. The CAREton Project can only intensify our efforts to make a difference for victims in east coast,” he added.

Over 470 recycling drop-off points now available

The CAREton Project has also expanded its collection network with Hilton Petaling Jaya. They are coming on board as its latest collection partner last month​. To date, Tetra Pak has expanded its collection network to over 20 commercial partners, with more than 470 collection points across Malaysia. 

Consumers who wish to drop-off their used drink packs may visit Tetra Pak’s Recycle Easy website at http://recycle-easy.com.my. For the complete list and location of these drop off points visit website.

“Our achievements to date must be attributed to our recycling partners first KPT Recycle. Second one is​ collection partners who have made it easier for consumers to drop off their used drink packs. Third,​ the consumers themselves who collect, rinse, and drop off their used drink packs. We continue to urge more and more Malaysians to grow this momentum. We can still do even better than this,” added Terrynz.

Tetra Pak introduced drink packs recycling in Malaysia back in 2005, when the recycling rate of drink packs was almost negligible. Since then, the recycling rate has been increasing every year, and reached 28.4% in 2014.  In 2014 alone, over 440 million drink packs were recycled, amounting to - 6400 tonnes of materials. This ​have been turned into new products such as cardboard boxes and roofing tiles. 

For more information on the CAREton Project 2015 and full list of selected collection points, check out www.recycle-easy.com.my​ and www.tetrapak.com.my​.