​​​Processing applications for fermented dairy products

The last two decades have seen the revival and globalisation of numerous traditional fermented dairy products, as consumers seek new taste experiences. This trend had been accelerated by awareness of the health benefits of such products. Ayran? Kefir? Quark? Smetana? Take your pick! There's a huge variety of products to choose from.

Whatever consumer preferences you are aiming to satisfy, and wherever you are, we have the knowhow and the equipment to support you. With our expertise and proven line solutions, we can help you find the sweet spot where production efficiency meets optimal product quality.  Thorough application experience also means we can help you develop recipes and processes that give the exact taste, texture and appearance you're looking for. Our Product Development Centres are a good place to start. ​

Best-practice lines for fermented dairy products

We believe that your optimal solution is one that matches your specific production needs today and for the future – to make you more innovative, more effective and more competitive. And we believe that this optimal solution is born in applying our vast knowledge and complete range of innovative technology for food production in a close partnership with you.​​

Stirred type yoghurt line+

Stirred yohurt line

This line lets you make viscous, spoonable yoghurt – from high volume to niche or premium products - on an industrial scale. Each line is carefully engineered to ensure your product has the desired quality at the lowest possible operational costs. It can also be fine-tuned to make traditional regional local cultured milk products like Kefir.

Drink type yoghurt line (ambient)+

Drink type line

Tasty, healthy, nutritious, filling, with an endless variety of flavours and served in a easy-to-drink package. It is easy to understand why the popularity of drinking yoghurt is booming around the world. This line can be adapted to produce a huge variety of different products with varying viscosity, flavour, shelf life, appearance, with or without particles etc.

Set type yoghurt line+

Set typ line

This line is designed for production of set type yoghurts (in a cup or package), which are popular for their rich texture and mouth feel. Since fermentation takes place in the package itself, no incubation tanks are needed.

Concentrated yoghurt line based on ultra filtration+

Tetra Lactenso Aseptic Fermented milk products concentrated filtration

A line for producing thick, smooth and sumptuous yoghurt products of the kind that used to be made at home using a muslin cloth. These products – often referred to as Greek style yoghurts - can now be produced on an industrial scale using centrifugal separation or ultrafiltration. This filtration method gives the smooth mouth feel often preferred in consumer panels. Our line also enables high operational efficiency and excellent yield thanks to the high retention of proteins and fat.

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