​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Recycle Easy 

Recycle Easy is a one-stop site that helps interested individuals, businesses and schools identify collection points for our beverage cartons. Supported by​ the CAREton Project, Recycle Easy was created to make recycling convenient and easy for consumers. 

How do I ​​help?

Choose to buy your favou​rite beverages in cartons, a low carbon option. Then follow our 1-2-3 guidelines to start recycling today!​

Recycling a cart​​on is easy! ​

Don’t forget to Flip-Flap-Flat your beverage carton after drinking. This reduces the amount of space the empty carton takes up and makes transport more efficient.​

Bring access to your commun​​ity 

Check your local recycling facilities. There might be a recycling station nearby, or a street collection system in your neighborhood. If such facilities exist, but do not accept used beverage cartons, add them to our Recycle Easy map​ and we'll get in touch with them!  We may be able to work with them together with the local authorities to improve carton recycling access in your neighborhood. ​

Businesses and Sch​​ools 

For businesses and schools, use our Carton Finder map​ to find the nearest commercial collector to help recycle your beverage cartons.

From rubbish to resource: where does all of it ​​​​go? 

Breaking Down

Alternatively, turn your trash into treasures by reusing or upcycling your used beverage cartons into useful objects in your everyday life. Use old cartons as a mini bin in the kitchen for vegetable scraps and then add them to your compost. Or use your cartons as planters for your seedlings in the garden.

How Can You Help?

4 billion increase in the number of packages recycled last year.

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