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Can Tetra Pak® packages be recycled?

Yes, Tetra Pak cartons can be recycled. However, regulations regarding the recycling of beverage cartons differ in the Benelux. In Belgium and Luxembourg approximately 80% of all beverage cartons are collected together with plastic and metal packages and taken to a paper mill. Here, the different materials (i.e., cardboard, plastic and aluminium) are separated from each other. After this, the materials are used in all kinds of industrial applications or consumer products. Read more about recycling in the Benelux.

What happens to packages that aren’t recycled?

A couple of municipalities in the Netherlands have an infrastructure to collect beverage cartons separately. In other municipalities the cartons can be deposited with the residual waste. Together with this waste, the beverage cartons are converted to useful energy in high quality incinerators; two tonnes of packages replace 1 tonne of petroleum.

Can Tetra Pak cartons be deposited with waste paper?

No. Besides cardboard, a Tetra Pak beverage carton also consists of several thin layers of plastic. Packages for products with a long shelf life also contain a wafer-thin layer of aluminium. Therefore, unless there is an opportunity to recycle, you need to deposit the beverage cartons with the residual waste.

Do Tetra Pak packages consist of FSC® material?

The cardboard from almost all Tetra Pak packages comes from material from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. More and more Tetra Pak packages display the FSC label. You can read more about this on the page ‘Partnership with FSC ’.

What are renewable sources and are they used in Tetra Pak cartons?

Renewable resources keep growing back and as a result will always remain available, provided that they are managed responsibly. The renewable resources that Tetra Pak uses are wood and sugar cane. Read more about this on the ‘Tetra Pak initiatives ’ page.

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What products can and can’t be packed in a Tetra Pak package?

Tetra Pak only produces carton packages to be filled with food products in line with our motto: ‘We commit to making food safe and available, everywhere’. Tetra Pak packages are perfect for liquid dairy products, soy drinks and non-carbonated soft drinks for example.

Go to ‘Find by food’ to find out more about the food categories that are perfect for a Tetra Pak. Not all food products can be packed in a Tetra Pak package; coffee (grinded or beans) is not suitable to be packed in a Tetra Pak package for example.


Are there any vacancies at Tetra Pak?

Both locally and worldwide there regularly are vacancies at Tetra Pak. Have a look at the current vacancies.

Can I apply for an internship at Tetra Pak?

There regularly are internships at various departments.

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Where can I go with my complaint?

In case you have a complaint about a certain product or package you need to contact the manufacturer of the specific brand. The cause of your complaint can come from any part of the production chain, such as the filling or transportation, and therefore the entire chain needs to be looked into. The manufacturer of the product wants to be informed about issues so he can investigate the cause and take follow-up actions if necessary.

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Which package matches my product?

Tetra Pak offers a broad portfolio of packages that meet the demands of various consumption moments, target groups and shelf life. Based on consumer needs insights Tetra Pak can effectively support you in choosing the right pack for your product proposition. You can read more about this in the cases in which we illustrate some examples of what role the right packaging can play for your brand proposition.

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