Tetra Pak Benelux

Tetra Pak Benelux is part of the North West Europe Market Company combining the UK and Ireland with the Benelux. In the Benelux, we deliver to customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. There are several Tetra Pak offices across the Benelux, namely in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The packaging offices are located in Moerdijk (Netherlands) and Groot-Bijgaarden (Belgium). The Moerdijk office was founded in 1955 and supports the Dutch market. The Dutch Processing office is located in Houten.

Groot-Bijgaarden (near Brussels) houses both the Packaging and Processing office in one location. This location serves both the Belgian and Luxembourg market since 1962 respectively 1965.

Tetra Pak® Benelux team

A part of the Tetra Pak® Benelux team introduces themselves: the management team of our North West Europe Market Company and several team members of the commercial organization.

Management team

Stefan Fageräng – Managing Director

By now, Stefan has been living and working abroad longer than he has in his motherland Sweden; our Managing Director may therefore truly be called a cosmopolitan. Together with all market company employees he wants to realise growth, both for the customer and for Tetra Pak. When Stefan isn’t working, he likes to work out or read a good history book.

Maja Markovic – Finance Director

Maja has been strengthening our team as Finance Director since 2012. Before this, she already worked at Tetra Pak as Controlling Manager in Serbia and as Cluster Finance & Business Control Manager in Germany. Our driven Finance Director experiences a lot of positive energy within the company, something she is more than happy to share with others as well.

Igor Popovic – Business Development Director

Igor’s main task as Business Development Director is to find new opportunities to deploy the Tetra Pak portfolio. By decisively addressing opportunities in the market we can add value to our customers. In this, Igor doesn’t limit himself by Market Company boundaries. In his spare time he loves spending time with his family and takes his daughter to ballet class. Besides the founding of a bicycle community he is also excited about looking for innovative solutions in his work.

Ron De Keersmaeker – Managing Director Processing Systems

Together with the Processing team Ron creates opportunities for customers by offering creative solutions; production efficiency and reducing the use of water and energy are high priority for this. It is his job to build bridges and to bring the right people together. When Ron is not at work he likes to be active in the great outdoors, for example hiking or fly phishing in Lapland.

Commercial team

Else Marie Bos – Creative Designer

As Creative Designer Else Marie is involved in all kinds of projects; whether it is the design of leaflets, movies or the design of a booth at an exhibition, she is not shy of any challenge. With an eye for trends she knows exactly what customers’ wishes are and is able to inspire them. Besides a passion for trends and design she also likes to be active in her spare time. Horseback riding, mountainbiking, tennis: she loves it all.

Koen Schillewaert – Key Account Director

Key Account Director Koen doesn’t shy away from challenges and is prepared to go the extra mile. He has travelled to China on several occasions supporting our customers at dairy fairs to stimulate the sales of dairy products. His Tetra Pak career also has been quite a journey. From Sales Administration he moved on to Repro and later on to Sales. On a day off from work, he uses his creativity to take care of jobs around the house or to renovate his home.

Birgit Kamp – Marketing Manager Benelux

Birgit has strong communication skills and is decisive, exactly what is important for a Marketing & Communications Manager . Showing customers the added value of packaging innovations is a nice challenge for her and she is set on working together with customers to carry out the message of the environmental advantages of beverage cartons. Birgit has a knack for languages which comes in very handy for her fondness of travelling. Besides Dutch, English and French she is also very capable to express herself in Spanish which is handy during a weekend in Barcelona or Madrid.

Silvia Ramos – Environment Executive

Silvia is flexible to adapt to any circumstance. In her job as Environment Executive she isn’t only preoccupied with the environment but also with the website, administrative tasks and visits fairs to explain the environmental benefits of Tetra Pak’s beverage cartons to consumers. Outside working hours, Silvia also is a real all-rounder: she cooks, bakes and works around the house. Also, she really enjoys a relaxed holiday in Spain.

Ronald Greven – Quality Assurance & Improvement Manager

With a smooth talk and a critical view Ronald is exactly the right man for the job as Quality Assurance & Improvement Manager. Conducting quality control and everything to it brings him to the customers regularly. Ronald lets his actions speak for themselves and has therefore been caught cleaning a Tetra Pak machine at the customer in multiple occasions. On another level, Ronald has the possibility to decrease costs, which is something that customers usually like to see as well. After a day of work this family-man likes to come home and enjoy some quality time with his wife and kids.

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