Natuurmonumenten and Tetra Pak®

Natuurmonumenten and Tetra Pak® share the opinion that awareness of the importance of forests and nature can make a difference, especially among kids. It is for that reason that Tetra Pak cooperated with Natuurmonumenten for the development of the natural playground Speelnatuur on Tiengemeten (near Rotterdam).

Kids can playfully get in touch with nature in this playground. In order to continue the partnership, Natuurmonumenten and Tetra Pak work together on the ‘Boswachter in de BSO’ (i.e., Forester in the out-of-school care) project.

The forester visits after school care or schools where he tells about his job. He makes it clear why woods are so important for our climate, society and economy, and with that the importance of responsibly managed forests.

BOS+, GoodPlanet and Tetra Pak®

Tetra Pak supports and works together with BOS+ and GoodPlanet to bring children in touch with the woods. In Belgium there are less and less children that go into the woods to play hide-and-seek, horse around or build huts. Nevertheless, it seems that children that play in the woods or nature are often healthier; their motorics and endurance are often better developed.

As part of a developed curriculum, children go into the woods where they are also educated. That’s how children get in touch with the woods both in theory and practice throughout the school year. Visit the website in French or in Dutch.

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