Tetra Tebel Casofill® GDL

Tetra Tebel Casofill® GDL is a process line for the semi-automatic production of UF white cheese types using Glucono Delta Lactone (GDL).

The process line consists of three modules:

  • Module 1. Ultra-filtration
  • Module 2. Pasteurisation and homogenisation
  • Module 3. Salt mixing, GDL dosing and filling

The process line is delivered with a basic recipe for producing GDL Feta cheese.

The advantages of the Tetra Tebel Casofill GDL are:

  • Higher yield compared to traditional Feta processes
  • Permeated ready for further processing
  • Hygienic process and long shelf life
  • Multiple packaging options
  • Cheese ready after final cooling
Tetra Tebel Casofill GDL


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