What would happen if you increased homogenization pressure or changed the temperature? How do you go from a retort process to a UHT process… or from a batch process to a continuous process?

Tetra Pak Product Development Centres

Live streaming from PDC in Lund

Travel-free product trials

New live streaming at the Lund Product Development Centre

If you need to move your product development forward while travel restrictions are in force, our Lund PDC is working on a solution: real-time, high-resolution live streaming of product trials.

Virtual participation means you don’t need to travel. Your people can follow the trial live from anywhere. They can even see what’s happening inside some of our machines. And to maximise the long-term usefulness of your virtual visit, we deliver a ‘take-home’ package that includes:

• Written technical report

• Webinar-type video of the trial, for unlimited free use

• Samples from the trial itself

Man testing food product in lab

​Your possibilities in a nutshell

Located in the US, Sweden, Singapore, ​China, Japan, India and Brazil, our Product Development Centres (PDC's) are a great resource for developing into new products and categories. We also have specialized centres for both ice cream and mixing in Denmark, evaporation and drying in the Netherlands, and powders in France.​

  • Highly flexible industrial pilot-plant facility
  • Cost-effective product trials and in-house testing
  • Experienced food technologists and engineers
  • Processing, packaging and powder handling equipment
  • Global experience and application expertise
  • Close collaboration, full confidentiality

So how can we help you? Read more and see 10 examples in ​A taste of things to come, Product Development Centres​ (pdf) ​​​​​​

Greek yoghurt with honey and nuts

Want proof? Try this authentic style Greek yoghurt

After a series of comparative tests at the PDC, this yoghurt got just the right creamyness an​d is now a bigseller in US supermarkets. Using Tetra Pak ultra filtration technology the producer reach superior product quality while generating up to 50% higher protein retention and up to 10% better yield.

​For more examples, download brochure Moving Food Forward. Together​ (pdf)​

Map showing our PDC's - Product Development Centres

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