Tetra Pak Index 2018

Find out what unique opportunities the growth of online groceries gives food and drink manufacturers.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak Index: The rise of Online Groceries

The 11th annual edition of the Tetra Pak Index focuses on the rise of online groceries and the unique opportunities for the food and drink industry. This year’s report is based on research conducted in 5 countries with consumers, plus a deep dive shopper tracking study in US and UK. Interviews with eRetailers in US, Europe and China and a global market segmentation study conducted by Euromonitor and will be exclusively launched at Packaged, The 7th Global Summit in Amsterdam on 25th and 26th June. Download it here for free from June 27th. 

The Circular Consumer Journey

In this section you will find out why online is the fastest growing channel for groceries today, how retailers and brands are viewing online as a crucial consumer channel, and how the race to capitalise on its disruptive influence is becoming a catalyst for wider retail transformation. The business models of today, and in the future, and the circular consumer journey that is speeding up innovation at almost every touchpoint.

Market Analysis: eRetailer needs

Find out about consumer needs from the eRetailers perspective now and in 2025, what the key factors they are focused on, and technology they are investing in, and our recommendations to food and drink brands in ord​er to meet these needs.

Trends driving growth

Find out which trends are driving growth in online grocery, what consumers are looking for and what is driving consumer satisfaction. What factors contribute to loyalty, how they will develop in the future and meet the needs of the ‘always on, on demand’ consumer generation. ​​

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