​​​​​Tetra Pak® Standardization unit - Direct in-line standardization

Unit for automatic in-line standardization of the fat, protein, total solids and solids-non-fat in milk and cream directly after a separator.

High precision milk standardization

  • Reliable performance and uniform product quality
  • Minimize cream giveaway with world-class precision
  • Unlimited capabilities to meet your specific needs


5,000 to 75,000 l/h

Market milk and cream, flavoured milk, milk for fermented products and powder production, cheese milk and other milk products.


Multiple ingredients lines

Enables production of numerous dairy products

Additional ingredient lines can be connected to the standardizer, making this unit ideal for use in multi-product processing. A whole series of formulated dairy products are possible.

Multiple component standardization

Makes your line more versatile

Tetra Pak® Standardization unit has a unique ability to standardize not only fat content but also solids-non-fat, total solids and protein, thanks to built-in software which regulates the mass balance. This feature is valuable when making cheese milk, for example, since the ratio of fat and protein entering the cheese vats has to be highly controlled in order to achieve consistent product quality.
Advanced software

Minimizes cream give-away, maximizes profit

High performance measuring instruments send signals to a powerful computer, which rapidly makes calculations and instructs the regulation valve to fine-tune fat content. It enables an extremely precise result with negligible cream give-away, thus leading to significant savings. For example, over one year, achieving a fat content precision +/- 0,015 % producers can save €183 750 per year.