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True to its name and concept, Amita Motion is a highly energetic brand that continually refreshes itself to stay relevant to its youthful target audience. Launched in 1993, this functional blend of nine reconstituted fruit juices was the first on the market to be fortified with seven vitamins, and was originally promoted as a sports drink delivering physical energy – hence the name Motion.

Post-millennium, consumers began to demand more variety, not only in products but also in brand propositions. So Amita Motion evolved to address its consu\mers' emotional as well as physical needs, transforming its focus on physical energy to "positive energy", recruiting brand ambassadors from showbusiness and sport "to transmit joy and optimism" in the year before the Olympic Games in Athens, a huge national occasion.

While still using traditional media for brand messaging, it also began using digital marketing, launching a new online portal with a strong music focus, as it began to build a community. In 2006 it launched Amita Motion Positive Energy Day with a major music concert, which is now an annual event. In 2015, it attracted a record 65,000 people.

As consumers in the current decade started to seek experiences with their products, Amita Motion was perfectly positioned, with positive energy as its enabler and music its vehicle. Initiatives have included using the brand's Facebook page, launched in 2010, tolet consumers choose the location of three live concerts via an online game; an online event allowing consumers to simulate managing a popular artist for a year, with the prize of a private concert; a song and talent search competition called Positive Sound and Positive Group; a Facebook club; concerts in three cities called Midnight Sessions, designed to appeal to its over-18 target groups; and live streaming for key events, such as the Positive Energy Day concert.

Amita Motion's approach is a successful one: it has been a strong performer throughout its history. Inevitably, it lost volume sales in recent years along with the rest of the category, due to the economic downturn in Greece. But market share has been growing since 2014 – it is now the leader in the vitamin-added juices category with 62% share6 – while brand awareness has reached 98%,7 the highest in the category. Indeed, it's now one of the country's top youth brands across the board, with more than 560,000 likes on Facebook.

"Youth has always been Amita Motion's target group," says Georgia Zitti, Senior Brand Manager for Amita Motion. "Young people look for brands that make them feel energised and inspire them to live their life to the maximum. A brand needs to understand their needs, habits and behaviours, and find pathways to moments of happiness that build positive feelings and memories. Technology changes so fast and competitive advantages are copied so quickly, so we focus instead on experiences and feelings. By being unique, creative and authentic, we aim to reach the hearts.​

Amita Motion has built a strong youth following through its inspirational focus on music, notably its annual Positive Energy Day concert, which attracted a record crowd of 65,000 people in 2015.

Amita Motion

Amita Motion

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