Tetra Pak® A6

Filling the world's first aseptic carton bottle!

  • The first filling system for aseptic carton bottle
  • Takes up 50% less space than an aseptic PET packaging line
  • Injection moulding gives the package's unique bottle-shaped top


Automatic Material Supply

Material supplied in space-saving rolls and replaced automatically when empty

Since the carton blanks are made inside the machine, customers can enjoy all the distribution and storage efficiency advantages of roll fed packaging material. When empty, the packaging material reels and strips are replaced automatically, so there's no need to stop the machine to refill.

Sleeve Forming

Enables the packages’ unique bottle shape

Inside the machine, the packaging material is cut into blanks to make individual packages. These are then wrapped around a mould and sealed to create the sleeve. This method of forming gives a consistent and accurate shape, to which the package's unique bottle-shaped top can be applied.

Integrated lid-forming

Forming a unique shape and saving space in production

Injection moulding technology is used to create a top, fusing together the carton sleeve with the capped neck to a ready to fill package. Since this function is integrated into the machine, it also saves space in your production hall.

Aseptic Chamber

Three-step process ensures sterility of the package

The package is sterilised in the aseptic chamber in three steps. First the package is pre-heated, then treated with hydrogen peroxide gas, and finally ventilated with sterile air to eliminate all the gas in preparation for product filling.

Distance Filling

Four-step filling process minimises foaming

The sterile package enters the Distance Filling section of the machine where it is filled with product in four steps, thus minimising foaming. Since the system has few moving parts, the air flow is not disrupted, leading to a reliable, high quality filling process.

Operator interface

Helps operators work more productively

Several factors make the Tetra Pak® TR/27 HAAD easy to operate: a Tetra Pak Operator Panel with its intuitive touch screen interface, ground level access to essential working parts and large windows for observing operations first hand.

High-velocity spinning nozzles apply cleaning fluid at pre-set temperature and concentration levels to ensure consistent and thorough cleaning inside and out, every time.

PLMS centre

Empowering smart operational decisions

This software application automatically collects line data (such as MME and waste) and presents it in a user-friendly interface. Reports from the PLMS centre enable analysis of machine performance and provide a basis for improvements in production efficiency.

Package Types


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