Complete cosmetics processing lines for efficient, high-speed, low-energy production of all kinds of cosmetics and makeup products

​​​​​​​​​​​Processing lines for ​Cosmetic products

Hair relaxants, styling agents, halal cosmetics, premium mascara. There’s a whole world of beauty-enhancing, personal care products out there and a whole world of consumers looking to buy them. Tetra Pak’s complete end-to-end solutions let you offer your consumers exactly what they want and need, with the flexibility to adapt to changing tastes and demands.

A growing market

Business opportunities abound in the cosmetics market. It is predicted to grow 4.6% overall during the next decade, with pockets of up to 6.5 % growth. While skin and haircare account for the biggest volumes (70%) and are also the fastest growing categories, certain niche products are growing at above average rates: facial moisturizers, home SPA and anti-aging creams to name a few examples.

Efficient production with complete cosmetics processing lines​

We help you take full advantage of the business opportunities with complete cosmetics processing lines that deliver efficient, high-speed, low-energy production — of all kinds of cosmetics from volume shampoo to premium, niche products. Our offer includes everything you need for batch or continuous production from pre-mixers and wax melters to storage vessels and high shear mixers. Our automation technology gives you total control over production and optimizes the efficiency of your line. Advanced cleaning in place (CIP) saves energy and time by ensuring the most efficient cleaning cycle for each product.

Get into the niche

Everyone wants to look and feel as fresh and youthful as possible, but our cosmetics needs vary greatly, depending on hair and skin types. Tetra Pak helps you cater for all this variety, with production solutions that facilitate lead product differentiation. We enable easy adaptation of basic formulae through the dosing of optional ingredients such as colour, scent or oil. We also help you tap into the lucrative airport trade with customized products for international travellers, and cater to special consumer groups with e.g. halal cosmetics.

New formulations?

If you have a new product idea, why not bring your materials and ingredients to one of our pilot plants in Jakarta or Shanghai? They’re equipped with three different kinds of mixers so you can try them all and see which one gives the best result. Our experts are on hand to support you during product trials and test your samples later in the lab.

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