Best-practice lines for Tvarog cheese: Quality guaranteed

Tvarog cheese is a natural, healthy and versatile fresh cheese. It can be used in cooking, consumed as is, or enjoyed as an on-the-go snack. Today, it is particularly popular in Eastern Europe – but given its nutritional and tasty qualities, it has all the makings of a worldwide hit.

Our best-practice lines are optimised for production of formed and crumbled Tvarog cheese. Output is guaranteed. Built upon our expertise, the lines give you exactly the Tvarog quality you want – every time. 

Best-practice line for formed Tvarog cheese

Substantial savings

Best-practice lines for formed Tvarog cheese

Formed Tvarog should be light and delicate in texture. After the curd making process in the vat, the next step is draining and forming.

Here’s some good news for your bottom line: compared to a traditional Tvarog cheese line, the best-practice line for formed Tvarog cheese has a superior mass accuracy. That can give you annual savings of over 1M Euro. Add to that savings in consumption of energy, steam, water and cleaning agents. Return of investment is guaranteed.

Best-practice line for crumbled Tvarog cheese

Full flexibility

Best-practice lines for crumbled Tvarog cheese

Crumbled Tvarog should be loosely granular. Cooling of curd is key. The whey is drained from the vat, cooled down and pumped back to the vat. Then curd whey mix is transferred to draining via tubular cooling.

Want to start small and expand later? The best-practice line for crumbled Tvarog cheese is easy to reconfigure for other varieties. For example, if you want to produce spread Tvarog cheese, include a Tetra Pak® Crumbled Cheese Buffer on your line. Or switch to formed Tvarog by adding a Tetra Pak® Cheese Former.

Repeatable product quality

Stable, consistent quality and the highest level of food safety – the best-practice lines ensure an output without variations. We give you performance guarantees on yield, accuracy and product losses. And in addition, a closed and controlled process provides best-in-class hygiene.
Tvarog cheese on bread, with sliced cucumber.

Expertise that boosts your business

The benefits of our expertise? In short, we help you boost your business. We partner up with you and tailor the line solutions to your operations, requirements and unique recipes. We’re a complete processing partner with proven, in-house solutions. That means you don’t have to manage multiple supplier contacts.
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A sustainable choice

The best-practice lines for Tvarog cheese are designed in an environmental-friendly way. As all whey is captured, the bio load is brought down to zero. The precise cutting minimises product waste. And the clever easy-to-clean design means that less water and detergents are used during CIP.
Tetra Pak equipment, pictured next to water