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Tetra Pak provides processing solutions within six categories: dairy, beverage, prepared food, cheese, ice cream, plant-based and powder. Tetra Pak®’s production solutions and services enable food manufacturers to achieve superior production. We deliver plants with guaranteed performance and offer support over the lifetime of the plant. Our deep understanding of our customers’ business needs, our technical capability and our strong local presence has given us a position of market leadership.

Tetra Alblend SA final Beverage


A sugar solution and concentrate are blended to make a pre-mix, water is added to produce the final beverage.

Tetra Pak® Aseptic Tank LV Top hires


Tetra Pak's buffering equipment (including aseptic and high hygiene buffering) consists of an intermediate storage a tank and valve cluster.

Carbonization equipment


Carbonization is not just about adding bubbles to a beverage, but also, once added, about keeping them there.

Cleaning equipment Cleaning-in-Place, CIP


Our Cleaning-in-Place equipment is designed to control the key cleaning parameters with very high accuracy.

Tetra Pak® Aseptic Dosing unit E


We offer two solutions for aseptic dosing of heat-sensitive ingredients for beverages - The Tetra FlexDos™ and the Tetra Aldose.

Tetra Pak Evaporator


Our evaporation specialists knows all about efficient evaporation from vapour velocity, wetting rates and the perfect temperature to prevent harming the product

Extraction equipment for tea and soy


Extraction is the process whereby the essence or edible parts are separated from the rest of a raw material for use in a processed product.

Man doing maintenance on tubular heat exchanger.

Tetra Pak heat exchangers for efficient heat treatment

The most efficient and reliable heat treatment possible for a consistently high quality end result with the desired colour, flavour and texture.

Tetra Pak Homomenizer


Learn how Tetra Pak can help you increase the energy efficiency – and sustainability – of your homogenization, while ensuring consistent high product quality.

Ultra filtration unit

Membrane filtration solutions

All common dairy processes utilize membrane filtration directly or indirectly. We offer a complete portfolio of membrane filtration systems.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mixing for smooth homogenous food products


Mixing, a common operation in food processing, aims to efficiently achieve a smooth, homogenous product with consistent quality.

Tetra Pak Pasteurizer


Pasteurization of food and beverages is to make products safe to eat or drink, increase shelf life, reduce spoilage or alter the properties of the end product

Tetra Pak Separator


Centrifugal separation is used to separate milk into cream and skimmed milk, or to separate particles from juice so it becomes clear and more appetizing.

Standardization unit


When standardizing dairy products, the cream and milk are first separated on a dairy line. The two elements are then mixed together again.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Sugar dissolving

Sugar dissolving

Sugar is a ingredient in many of the world's favourite foods. It can be added and dissolved manually in batches, automatically in a continuous sugar-dissolving

Sugar dissolver

Sugar treatment

Depending on the purity level of the unrefined sugar, it can be treated in various ways; flocculation, flotation or a hot activated carbon treatment process.​

UHT unit

UHT treatment

UHT treatment is used to sterilize milk, other dairy products and food preparations; soups, sauces, desserts, baby food, tomato and fruit preparations.

Processing Components

Processing Components

We have processing components to optimise your operations. Backed by the experience and expertise of the world leader in food and beverage processing, our comp

Blockformer system 6

Blockforming and bagging

Blockforming is done by putting the salted curd chips into a curd distribution tank (CDT) then transferring it by means of vacuum, through pipes.

Processing equipment for cheese curd making

Curd making

Curd making is at the heart of cheese production. It is where the final composition of your cheese – its moisture, pH, and physical characteristics.

Draining, Cheddaring and Mellowing

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Draining, Cheddaring & Mellowing

Tetra Pak offers a completely unique processing system for cheddar and pasta filata cheeses - the world’s only continuous production system for such products.

Draining, Forming & Mould filling for cheese production

Draining, Forming & Mould filling

Tetra Pak provides a fully automatic and continuous system for whey drainage, pre-pressing, accurate cheese block formation and moulding

Tetra Pak® Drainer Washer 2

Draining & Washing

Cottage cheese curd is made by fermenting milk with lactic acid bacteria. The curd is then cut and cooked to achieve the right moisture.

Liquid filled cheese equipment

Processing equipment for liquid filled cheese

When making liquid filled cheeses, all the ingredients are mixed in a homogenous way and the product can be sold straight after it has cooled.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Whey handling equipment

Equipment for concentrating and treating whey

Equipment for concentrating and treating whey. The proteins are turned into globules and feed back into the cheese milk to give the product a smooth mouth feel

Tetra Pak Cooker Stretcher DAW 2/6

Cooking and stretching

To achieve the proper fibrous structure found in pasta filata "plastic curd", the curd must undergo plasticizing and kneading treatment

Cheese brining systems

Brining and cooling

Brining is done by submerging the cheese in a concentrated salt brine where it absorbs salt from the brine.

Tetra Pak Mould Handling w Enclosed Presses Front2 lowres

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pressing and acidification

Tetra Pak Pressing systems are fully automated and are available in different executions dependent of the application, requirements and/or capacity.​

Cheese blender equipment

Curd blending and buffering

Tetra Pak solutions for curd blending meets the objective having a wide offer of cheese varieties covered by a single line solution.

Tetra Pak® String Cheese Cutter AC

String cheese making

Our equipment portfolio for string cheese consists of proven machines, all supported by our expertise and long experience of cheesemaking.

Cheese moulding machine

Moulding and chilling

Moulding cheese has two purposes: transform the molten Mozzarella/pizza cheese curd into blocks and shapes and cool the block and produce a firm outer layer

Dry salting equipment for cheese

Dry-salting equipment for cheese

Cheese is salted for two primary reasons. The first reason for salting cheese is to slow down or stop the bacteria process. The second reason for salting cheese

Curd distribution tank

Curd distribution

Curd distribution equipment is used to distribute the cheese curd evenly to all outlets in preparation for block forming.

Read more about Cheese rennet dosing unit

Mixing solutions for cheese rennet

Rennet dosing solutions for batch mixing of GDL powder and inline rennet dosing for white cheese

Man in front of computer screens

Ice cream automation

Ice cream Digitalisation portfolio, digital solutions tailored to ice cream production lines.

Mix preparation

Mix preparation

Successful mix preparation requires knowledge of many different aspects of production, including freezing, handling, homogenization and pasteurization.

Tetra Pak Continuous Freezer A2


For ice cream or other types of frozen products, Tetra Pak’s unique freezer solutions give you unmatched control to consistently achieve the optimal quality.

Ingredient doser

Ingredient dosing for ice cream

Achieve the perfect balance of ingredients to give your consumers the ultimate ice cream experience. Find out how Tetra Pak® Ingredient Dosers make it possible.

processing liquid pumping and enrobing

Liquid pumping and enrobing

All types of ice cream products can be enriched with chocolate, caramel or other liquid. Find our more about pumping and enrobing solutions for ice cream

filling machine


Our ice cream cone filling machines have the highest cone dispensing accuracy on the market cutting down both product waste and line stops

Ice cream extrusion line

Ice cream extrusion equipment

Our extrusion equipment for ice cream is almost twice as fast as any of our competitors' since large volumes of product can be extruded from a single tube

Tetra Pak Rotary Moulder 27 M3 ice cream moulding


Rotary moulding has the advantage of reducing product waste, while inline moulding allows for more process steps when producing complex products.

Processing equipment Handling


Handling involves a series of different steps in the ice cream production process. The three key functions are take-up, dipping and lay-off

Hardening tunnel


Fast freezing in a hardening tunnel limits the growth of ice crystals and air bubbles to give you the desired ice cream texture.

Tetra Pak® Wrapper


Tetra Pak offers the best wrapper on the market. The Wrapper has several additional efficiency features that reduce wrapping costs.

Secondary packaging

Secondary packaging

A conveyor needs to move the ice cream into the cold store within 3 – 5 minutes to prevent melting.

Powder plant

Tipping & Discharging

Start your powder handling processes off right, with tipping and discharge equipment designed to ensure safe food, safe workplaces and efficient operations.

Tetra Pak Sifter TR201

Screening & Sifting

A wide range of equipment dedicated to foreign body prevention. This safety equipment includes sifting, crushing and cleaning processes.

Tetra Pak Screw Conveyor ET

Conveying & Transferring

A wide range of equipment that will help you move powder from point A to point B. It can be done mechanically by vibration or by the means of air under pressure

Tetra Pak Dust Filter FL200

Filtration & Separation

Filtration and Separation solutions for powder handling

Tetra Pak Powder Feeder DN061

Dosing & Weighing

Dosing and Weighing solutions for powder handling

Tetra Pak Powder Mixer B3500

Mixing & Blending

Mixing and Blending solutions for powder handling

Big Bag Filling unit, powder filling equipment

Packing and Handling

From sachets to Big Bags. There are many powder packing solutions. However, main packages are intended for business-to-business or business-to-consumer.

Tetra Pak Air Jet Cleaning system for Powder highlighted

Powder cleaning

Our cleaning solution for powder handling helps you avoid unnecessary downtime, switch easily from one recipe to another and maintain product quality.

Powder handling

Processing equipment for powder handling

The handling of ingredients in powder form has many advantages. Powder ingredients have longer shelf life, are smaller, lighter and more convenient to transport

Spray dryer

Spray drying

When drying dairy products, hot air is pumped (temperatures ranging from 160° – 205° depending on the product) into a drying chamber.

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