Tetra Pak® Agitator IBC

Gentle product treatment with unrivalled efficiency

  • Exceptionally gentle and efficient treatment thanks to auto-extending mixer blades. These rotate slowly yet agitate a mix four times faster than conventional agitators
  • Hygienic and easy-to-clean design with no bearings or parts other than mixer blades that have product contact
  • Highly reliable and long-life due to slow mixer blade rotation speed that causes less wear on motor and moving parts
Tetra Pak® Agitator IBC

Tetra Pak® Agitator IBC - a unit for agitating ingredient containers

Tetra Pak® Agitator IBC is specially designed for use with industry standard IBC containers. The agitator is lowered into position by either a forklift truck or overhead hoist. The unique design allows the IBC’s contents to be agitated consistently, and independently of liquid level.


For use with standard IBCs


Any liquids with less than 200cP viscosity


  • Food concentrates
  • Liquid aromas and flavours
  • Juices
  • Liquid chemical compounds


Auto-extending mixer blades

Auto-extending mixer blades

Large blades for high-efficiency mixing

The unique design of Tetra Pak® Agitator IBC enables large blades to enter the narrow IBC opening in an adjacent position. Once the agitator is switched on and centrifugal force is applied, the blades separate automatically inside the liquid. Their large surface area permits a slow agitation speed that mixes the liquid gently yet up to four times faster than conventional agitator models.

Stainless steel chain on mixer blades

Stainless steel chain on mixer blades

Accurate mixing assured even at low fill level

A chain suspended beneath the mixer blades ensures accurate mixing at the base of the container even at a low fill level. This unique design ensures consistent agitation of the IBC’s contents, regardless of fill level.

Mixer blade status indicator

Mixer blade status indicator

Monitor agitator status at all times

A red stripe shows on the agitator frame to communicate that the agitator has ceased operation or has yet to start. This keeps the operator informed of current mixing status at all times.


Several options available

Several options available

Maximum flexibility assured

  • Explosion protection (ATEX zone 22)
  • CIP container for four agitators – for fully hygienic and automatic cleaning
  • Storage platform for storing four agitators when not in use
  • Frequency inverter to adapt mixing effect depending on product type and liquid volume