Product Development Centre, Filtration solutions

The Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions PDC in Aarhus, Denmark, is a cutting-edge filtration pilot plant designed for developing new dairy, plant-based and other food & beverage applications combined with water-saving solutions. Work together onsite with experienced food technologists and engineers to develop and optimise production processes or take advantage of our virtual testing services. We also have an on-site laboratory to provide the necessary analyses for controlling processes during trials.

Industrial trials using membrane filtration

The PDC in Aarhus is fully equipped for industrial trials of your product ideas within milk and whey applications, as well as plant-based foods and beverages. We also offer specialist competencies within water-saving filtration technologies:
  • Process water recovery
  • Product recovery
  • Condensate recovery
  • CIP chemical recovery
  • Standardisation of water as an ingredient
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    Objectives for trials

    Meet your customer’s present and future needs while boosting revenue – efficiently, sustainably and with uniform product quality.
  • Developing, testing and validating new processes and applications
  • Optimize performance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Producing application samples
  • Membrane screening
  • membrane filtration parts
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    Rental pilot plants: test all the various filtration processes

    Pilot plants for dairy and plant-based applications​ enable small-scale testing of new or tweaked products and producing test samples at your own facility, with your own staff, raw materials, and packaging options.

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    New ways of utilizing membrane filtration in milk preparation

    Over the years, membrane filtration has found its way into milk preparation because it adds the possibility to control other parameters than fat.

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