Tetra Pak® Torrsaltare

Exakt och jämn saltning

Tetra Pak® Torrsaltare


Load cells

Accurate dosing of salt

Load cells are used to measure the weight of cheese coming from the cooker stretcher. Based on this information, the salt dispensing unit then applies the exact amount of salt required to achieve the percentage set by the operator.

Heated vibrating conveyor

Even distribution of salt

Before being sprinkled on the cheese mat, the salt first falls onto a vibrating feeder. The vibrations ensure salt is distributed evenly across the width of the mat. A heated vibrating conveyor is used to eliminate condensation, ensuring consistent free-flowing salt.

Automatic salt supply

Safe and reliable filling

Salt is stored in a dedicated storage unit and delivered to the dry salter via a vacuum line. Thanks to full line automation, the dry salter can communicate directly with the ingredient supply and request the salt it needs, without any need for operator involvement. This system is both safer and more reliable than manual filling.