This round-up gives an insight into the work we have been doing worldwide over the past year to raise awareness of recycling and encourage more consumers to dispose of their packaging in a responsible way.

​​​​​​​​​​Partnerships to promote recycling​​​

Poland: improving mixed collection

Tetra Pak Poland has been active in improving multi-material packaging collection, particularly in the region of Wroclaw. By raising community awareness around segregation and recycling, we have increased the market potential for municipalities and recycling companies. For example, in schools, we ran a five-week long eco-festival, alongside town halls, waste operators and a local exhibition centre, including a range of exhibitions and attractions, social media, competitions, a short TV movie and workshops for families and teachers that showed that we each have a responsibility to reduce and recycle waste. Following the campaign beverage carton recycling in the district, now stands at 241 tonnes, against a target of 200. Furthermore, the Wroclaw municipality is firmly committed to offering separate collection and recycling and incentivising recycling start-up businesses and entrepreneurs to get on board. The goal is to achieve a 50 percent recycling rate by 2020.

Egypt: raising awareness among school children

In 2016, Tetra Pak Egypt continued its schools awareness programme in partnership with the Spirit of Youth association. The initiative involved a range of interactive sessions for children on the importance of and benefits of separating their waste at source and recycling of their used beverage cartons. It has now expanded from schools to engaging non-governmental organisations and libraries to reach more people. In total, the team has conducted 71 awareness raising sessions in 28 different venues, reaching 5,880 students, 215 teachers and supervisors and 37 mothers. In addition, 46 waste bins were distributed to encourage source segregation at schools.

South Africa: Recycling cartons is possible

In South Africa, we have been working with Mpact, one of the largest paper and plastic packaging businesses in southern Africa. Our joint messaging around carton recycling has reached over a million households. Tetra Pak South Africa supported with information and also covered the cost of printing educational materials. The educational information is now available in a number of local languages to reach even more households.

Malaysia: educating the next generation

Tetra Pak Malaysia works with the city council of Shah Alam, just west of the capital Kuala Lumpur, and local business Fraser and Neave Holdings Bhd to run a successful annual recycling competition for schoolchildren from kindergarten to secondary school. The competition is now in its tenth year and in this time the children have collected an estimated 900,000kg of recyclable waste as well as earning prize money for their schools. The project combines educating children about the environment with promoting family-wide recycling. As a result, all schools in Shah Alam now have collection facilities on site, improving local recycling rates and ensuring that environmental awareness comes naturally for the next generation of consumers.​​

Korea: promoting carton collection and recycling in Sejong

The Tetra Pak Korea environment team recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the local government in Sejong City and Sejong YMCA to encourage recycling and help develop a practical collection scheme. The programme includes education for pre-school children, liaison between collection point and recycler, and a scheme whereby collection points offer consumers an automatic exchange of recyclable cartons for recycled toilet paper. Between April 2014 and April 2016, around 172 tonnes of used cartons were collected. Sejong is Korea’s administrative capital, making it a good starting point with great potential for the scheme to expand across Korea to increase recycling nationally.​​

Croatia: a creative approach to carton recycling

Eko Paket (part of the international Eco Schools Programme on environmental awareness) has been running in Croatia for three years. This year saw the number of participating institutions double, with 5,000 children from 70 schools directly involved in the project. The aim is to bring recycling to schools in a creative and enjoyable way and to open up activities to families and communities as well as children to help raise awareness of carton recyclability. This year, activities included a recycled art competition, workshops and demonstrations showing how used cartons are turned back into pulp.

Czech Republic: leading the way to carton recycling

Six towns in the Czech Republic have been chosen to host the campaign “Where do beverage cartons belong?”, which encourages the municipal collection of used beverage cartons and educates the public about their role in recycling. Each town has the chance to win a cash prize for a locally nominated community project. The campaign uses local events and festivals to increase awareness of carton recycling and to familiarize members of the public with their local facilities and collection services. There is also a website and printed material has been delivered to 123,000 homes.

Portugal: “Yellow is fun”

Tetra Pak and dairy producer Agros are working with Lipor (the organization that manages urban waste in the Oporto region of Portugal) on the “Yellow is fun” initiative, which encourages consumers to recycle used beverage cartons. For each 10kg of Agros milk cartons recovered from the region’s yellow recycling containers, Tetra Pak and Agros will donate €10 to a fund to construct a children’s playground in Póvoa de Varzim. The challenge encourages individual consumers to take responsibility for recycling and fosters a community-focused approach to the environmental cause.

Hungary: “Flatten your carton”

The Hungarian Association of Beverage Carton Producers – of which Tetra Pak is a leading member – has launched a social media campaign to explain the best way of preparing cartons for recycling. Schoolchildren were asked to upload short videos showing creative ways to flatten a beverage carton. Tetra Pak offered prizes and also encouraged celebrities and bands to submit videos, which have been compiled on Facebook. The resulting short film has had over 12,000 views. This fun idea is encouraging young people to recycle, and to educate their friends and family too.​

China: new eco-park in Shanghai

A new eco-park next to Shanghai’s Disneyland Resort will provide a showcase for the creative possibilities of recycling, featuring benches and waste bins as well as a series of sculptures of the traditional Swedish Dala Horse, all made from some 4.38 million recycled Tetra Pak cartons. The horse was chosen as the symbol of the eco-park because of its strong connection with the forest: traditionally, woodsmen in Dalarna province would carve them for their children during the long dark winter nights. Each sculpture carries a QR code that visitors can scan for stories and information about renewability and recycling. The ongoing partnership between Tetra Pak and the park’s managers, Shanghai Shendi Group, includes public education campaigns and developing souvenirs made from recycled materials.​​​