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The report and background

The latest issue of the Tetra Pak Index has arrived. Focused exclusively on 100% juice for the first time, the report identifies consumer trends driving new growth opportunities for producers around the world. Read our CEO letter overview (pdf).

In a challenging global economic environment, the report reveals the three top product trends driving growth - vegetable nutrition, all natural, and speciality 100% juice. Consumers are increasingly focused on eating healthy and nutritious food with more than 80% globally seeing 100% juice as healthy, natural and tasty.

Read our report to find out which companies are successfully innovating in product development and communication, to meet changing consumer needs for products that provide novelty and suit their busy lifestyles.

We will be presenting the report at the European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN) Juice Summit​, which will take place in Antwerp, Belgium on 12th and 13th October. AIJN is embarking on a pan-European campaign to improve the public image of 100% fruit juice – particularly orange juice. ​More than 200 companies from over 45 countries will come together to discuss the dynamics of juice at the summit, and we look forward to meeting you there.​


Consumer and Product Trends

Our research shows that brands in both established and emerging markets are finding creative ways to capitalise on the strong attributes consumers associated with 100% juice, introducing innovative new products that are capturing the imagination of consumers and helping drive growth. Modern consumers are looking for ‘all natural’, vegetable nutrition and functional products that help promote good health, plus they are willing to pay more for them. Over 70% of consumers are snacking and skipping meals, creating opportunities for on-the-go consumption occasions.

Find out more about consumers and product trends in the Juice Index report.

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Top ten tips & Juice fact sheet

View/download Summary, top ten tips from the Juice index report (pdf) or the Fact sheet: Juice preservations technologies (pdf)

The Tetra Pak Index issue 9

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Market Insights

We identify the key market trends driving 100% juice in both established and emerging markets, including new brands, new recipes and new segments. In addition to a global overview, we explore challenges and opportunities in four 100% juice markets, including Brazil and China which are both seeing exponential growth.

Find out which countries made the list of Top Ten juice consumers in 2015 and who will be in the Top Ten in 2018 in the report.

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Brand Case Studies

With 1,500 new beverages being launched every month, 100% juice producers from around the world are putting innovation at the heart of creating products that capitalise on the strong perceptions of 100% juice.

Beyond placing increased importance on health and wellness, consumers want brands that are honest and transparent. Find out what successful brands are doing to engage and spark the imagination of the modern consumer.

We highlight 10 case study examples including Vita Coco from the U.S., whose world famous coconut water products are now available in 31 markets, and Kagome from Japan, a pioneer in the vegetable juice segment.

The key is to develop, design and be first. Find out more in the report.