Reducing our carbon footprint

Our cartons use more renewable raw materials like paperboard, which means they can have a smaller impact on climate change than alternative packaging, such as glass, metal or plastic.
For example, a peer reviewed life cycle assessment (LCA) shows that cartons have up to 70% less CO2 impact than a plastic bottle.* 

Life cycle assessment

By developing environmentally smart products, Tetra Pak can make it easier for people to choose more sustainable options. An important starting point is to base our decisions on knowledge and facts. One tool we use to find out about the climate and environmental impact of our products is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).  

What is a life cycle assessment?

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a method that measures the environmental impact of different products. It analyses each step of the value chain: energy use, the extraction of raw materials and its use, production, transportation, product handling, recycling, and end of life. LCAs ordered by Tetra Pak are conducted by independent researchers and are independently reviewed by an expert panel. An LCA gives insight into what the key issues are for us to address so we can improve the environmental performance of our products.