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DreamCap™ is a natural fit for on-the-go consumers

  • Engineered to suit facial geometry, DreamCap delivers the ultimate drinking experience while on the go

  • Award-winning design provides optimum beverage flow control and a resealable closure

  • Superior functionality delivers value to beverage manufacturers and ultimately to consumers’ busy lifestyles

  • Contemporary and optimized shape with a fully printable surface helps brands differentiate on the shelf with a sustainable and innovative pack

Learn How DreamCap Delivers the Ultimate Drinking Experience

Tetra Pak's DreamCap is ergonomically designed with on-the-go consumers in mind. Its design is informed by in-depth research that looked at drinking styles, beverage flow and other elements to deliver the ultimate drinking experience on the go.

The cap’s high neck and its over-the-edge design offer easy access to the spout and a comfortable fit to the face and lips and DreamCap’s large (26mm) opening and ridge engage the lips, allowing consumers to drink the way they prefer, with improved control of the liquid flow into the mouth.

See How DreamCap Protects Beverages with an Easy-to-Open Design

DreamCap comes with a host of innovative and carefully designed features melding convenience and safety to offer a perfect and intuitive drinking experience on the go.

See how it all works.

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Small. Sustainable. Stylish. Just what millennials are looking for.

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