Tetra Pak® cartons: The natural choice for packaging pet food

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Pet food packaging that delivers

Give pets the same high quality and flavor consumers demand in their own food.

Tetra Pak helps pet food manufacturers deliver high quality meals to pets and pet parents. With multiple layers of protection built into every package, Tetra Pak cartons preserve the natural quality of the product inside without the need for added preservatives.

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Deliver greater functionality to consumers

Give pet parents pet food products in packaging that offers functionality and convenience – from easy-to-open and space-efficient options that allow for simple storage to single-serve and reclosable carton options.

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Build your pet food brand value

Tetra Pak cartons are lightweight and require a minimum of resources. Our cartons are made mainly from paper, a renewable natural resource that can be replenished. This way, we ensure that the forests will continue to grow.

Choosing Tetra Pak cartons for your pet food brand can reduce your carbon footprint and make your brand greener compared to most commonly used packaging types.

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Tetra Recart® - the modern carton package alternative for pet food

Tetra Recart is a modern, innovative and renewable package that perfectly meets the 21st century consumers' demands for safety, convenience and environmental responsibility.

It's the world’s first retortable carton package and offers pet food manufacturers benefits such as transport efficiency through space-efficient design and low package weight.

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