​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixers for mayonnaise and cold emulsions

Designed to give you unprecedented flexibility, consistent quality and maximum yield, all at the lowest TCO. Perfect for all kinds of mayonnaise, cold emulsion sauces, dips and dressings.

Our new range of high shear mixers greatly increases the efficiency of cold emulsion production – saving time and energy and ensuring that costly ingredients are fully utilized. Quality parameters such as appearance, taste and mouthfeel are tightly controlled, so you can precisely replicate an existing product, and produce it at a lower cost.

Using our complementary prediction tool - a virtual mixer with a palette of adjustable parameters - you can also generate new recipes and produce them on the same mixer. Expand your range easily and cost-effectively to include all kinds of cold emulsions, such as Béarnaise, Hollandaise, aioli, hamburger dressing, remoulade, tartar sauce and cheese emulsions as well as mayonnaise-based mixes with herbs, vegetables, meat or seafood pieces.

Unlimited flexibility

  • Make the broadest possible variety of cold emulsion products and scale up production easily in response to rising demand.

Consistent product quality

  • Precisely replicate existing recipes and generate new ones. Our prediction tool and unique two-step emulsification process give you complete control over mixing time, shear force and speed.

Lowest TCO

  • Combining low initial investment with a highly efficient mixing process and optimal yield on ingredients, our new mixers significantly reduce your overall TCO.​

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Discover the magic inside Tetra Pak’s High Shear Mixers

Take a virtual tour inside one of our new mixers and discover what’s so unique about the equipment design and the two-step emulsification process taking place inside it.

Processing equipment

Unlimited flexibility

Flexibility is a key feature of our new range of High Shear Mixers. As your business grows, you can easily scale up from Batch to Batch Plus or Continuous production without any major new investments. Visit the Tetra Pak ProductXplorer To get even more out of your mixer, see our complementary prediction tool - a virtual mixer with a palette of adjustable parameters that you can use to analyse existing product recipes and automatically generate new ones.
This tool eliminates the effort and expense of assembling the ingredients and equipment you need to run physical trials, giving you a quick, cost-effective way to expand your product range, with fully predictable results.

Plate of salmon and vegetables

Consistent product quality

The design of our new high shear mixers and accompanying prediction tool are based on knowledge acquired during a three-year research project*, carried out with the support of scientists from European universities. Across hundreds of trials, our food technologists analysed the emulsification process on a molecular level, while our process engineers studied flow patterns and mixing performance using Computational Fluid Dynamics. The result is a patented new technology that enables both high and low shear mixing in the same process. It gives you complete control over the speed, time and shear force of your mixing, so you can fine-tune the size and distribution of droplets in your product, and achieve the exact viscosity, mouthfeel and texture you want.

To learn more, see our white paper

Salmon dish

Lowest TCO

We’ve combined a low initial investment with a series of efficiency-enhancing features to reduce your overall costs. In our new mixers, the ingredients are introduced into the mixing vessel, rather than being fed directly into the high shear mixing head. This eliminates the risk of over-shearing - a common problem in mayonnaise production that leads to ingredients being wasted. Additionally, ingredients can be introduced at a faster rate than in traditional mayonnaise mixers. Oil intake is typically 4 to 5 times faster than the usual rate, significantly lowering both mixing time and energy consumption. You can achieve savings of up to 40% when using one of our new mixers in a Batch production set-up and, with a Batch Plus or Continuous production set up, the potential savings are even greater.

Small sized bowl filled with mayonnaise

How attending a seminar can reduce mayonnaise production costs by 20-40%

When a mid-sized European producer of mayonnaise, dips and dressings was exploring ways to improve business, their main objective was to reduce production costs. Secondary goals were to improve quality consistency and increase flexibility with a view to widening their product range.

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Two step emulsification and the dynamic HS mixing head

Zoom in and see our unique two-step emulsion process in action. To begin with the stator of the high shear mixing head is raised while ingredients are introduced into the body of the mixing vessel and gently blended to create a coarse emulsion. Once all the ingredients have been introduced, the stator is lowered and high shear mixing begins. The speed and shear force of the mixer can be precisely controlled to create an emulsion with the exact droplet size and distribution you want.

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