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#RenewableLiving: Small Choices, Big Effects

Tetra Pak conducted a 28-day social experiment with 10 bloggers from around the world to understand how aware consumers are about renewable materials—those natural resources that can be replenished naturally over time. We also looked at the potential impact that small, habitual lifestyle changes have on the environment and on the happiness levels of our participants.

We asked each blogger to incorporate a renewable habit every day, like choosing renewable packaging at the grocery store, and found that these environmentally responsible behaviors had become significantly more habitual after the 28-day period. The bloggers also felt much happier after participating!

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Habits of Happiness

Do your habits make you happy? Take our short quiz and find out how your daily choices impact your mood—and the planet.

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What Is #RenewableLiving?

At Tetra Pak, we’re on an ambitious mission to make renewability as routine as recycling. The best way to do that, we discovered, is by giving people a reason to get involved.

We launched the world’s first social experiment on renewability to understand how easy it is to adopt environmentally responsible habits and the impact it has. Watch how 10 bloggers from around the world rose to the #RenewableLiving challenge.

The Pack That Grows Back

The Pack That Grows Back back—well, maybe not literally, but most of the materials used to make it will. That’s what renewable resources do—they regrow naturally. Tetra Pak cartons are made of, on average, 70 percent paper—a renewable resource that comes from selectively harvested, regrown trees.

Tetra Pak has been committed to the environment since our founding more than 60 years ago. We’ve been a proud participant in the recycling movement, but also recognize that the focus cannot lie solely at the end of a package’s life. That’s why we place so much emphasis on how our packages are made and where those materials come from. By considering all the steps in the packaging life cycle, we’re making sure that our packs will grow back for generations to come.

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#RenewableLiving: Small Choices, Big Effects

You have the power to be happy and protect the earth by adopting simple, renewable habits. Find out how #RenewableLiving can work for you.

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Habits of Happiness

Protecting the planet means protecting natural resources—and that’s sure to make you happier. We’ve done the work to prove it! Do your habits make you happy? Take this short quiz to find out.

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The Pack That Grows Back

Our packs are made up of things that grow back, like trees. Find out how we’re protecting the planet through the use of sustainable, renewable resources.

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Learn more about how Tetra Pak is working with suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners, NGOs and others to expand attention from the mid and end of the packaging life cycle to the beginning​

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