​​Tetra Pak® Maintenance Services
Proactive care to secure reliability​

Any moving system needs looking after. Just look at your own car – regular care can go a long way. A production line, or even an entire plant, is not much different. Tetra Pak covers the full spectrum of maintenance to secure your reliability and keep you on your way.

Skilled and qualified field service engineers at your service

With a reliability-centered maintenance methodology and more than 2200 skilled and dedicated service engineers around the globe, we make sure you get an optimum return on your maintenance investment. ​


Service engineers perform maintenance work – both preventive and corrective maintenance.

Tetra Pak® Maintenance Services include:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Production support
  • Maintenance management
  • Performance validation
  • Equipment assessment
  • Calibration services for instruments
Milk cartons from a European dairy producer with a tailor-made maintenance solution.

Don't just take our word for it...

A dairy producer in Europe asked for our help to reduce their annual maintenance cost. A tailor-made maintenance solution with an overview of coming service events in the customer’s annual maintenance plan was developed.

By using our maintenance system with the check and change maintenance technique and our web-based parts inventory management system called ePIMS , we were able to reduce the customer's maintenance costs with 45% and spare parts consumption with 8%. Together with the customer, we also manage to reach an average line mechanical efficiency (LMME) above 96%.

Read full customer case Tailor-made maintenance solution helped a dairy cooperative cut maintenance costs by 45% (pdf)

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