Contributing to sustainable food systems1

Sustainability has been at the heart of our business since its foundation. We were founded on the idea that a package should save more than it costs, and today, our ambition is to lead the sustainability transformation to impact industries and communities positively.

Discover how we act for sustainability

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Go nature. Go carton.

Our ambition is to lead the sustainability transformation within our industry. Explore the priorities that guide us in our collaborations for enabling systemic change.

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Moving food forward

Learn more about how we are doing our part to shape a world with secure and sustainable food systems.1

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Sustainability Advisory Panel

Meet the Tetra Pak Sustainability advisory panel that shapes and informs our sustainability agenda and helps us achieve our sustainability goals – Learn more.

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An integrated view on sustainability challenges

Discover our interconnected approach to sustainability. Learn how we address complex challenges in food, climate, nature, circularity and social sustainability.

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Sustainability performance data

See how Tetra Pak performed on key indicators for FY 2022, including sourcing, recycling, climate, energy, diversity and water, from our sustainability report.

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1The term ‘sustainable food system’s’ mean growing, producing, processing, packaging, distributing and consuming food without negatively impacting the planet. Retrieved from OECD. (2019). Accelerating Climate Action. Source: OECD iLibrary

2By positive impact we mean driving better outcome for our own workforce, workers and communities in our supply chain, workers in collection and recycling and people in our value chain affected by climate change and the transition to net-zero in the areas of labour, discrimination, hazardous working conditions and sustainable income, among others.

3IPCC report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5

4Mitchell, C. (2022). Deforestation: Clearing The Path For Wildlife Extinctions. Source:, 2018