​​​​​​​​​​PLMS Centre - packaging line monitoring system

Data management to put you in control

Take full control of equipment performance and food product quality in your filling and packaging operation with PLMS Centre, our packaging line monitoring system. The production of foods and beverages is a value chain that requires constant monitoring to ensure food safety, consistent quality, high throughput and minimized operating cost. In your filling and packaging line, you need to be able to manage all the data, in detail, in order to assure top performance shift after shift, year after year. PLMS Centre automatically collects and presents consolidated operational data in a user-friendly interface.​​

Get control where it counts

PLMS Centre enables you to monitor process parameters and critical control points in your filling machines and packaging lines. And this in turn gives you the possibility to execute advanced trouble-shooting on machine process variables. Manage your packaging line data with PLMS Centre and benefit from:

  • Reduce human error with fact-based decisions
  • Ensure consistent operating procedures with reliable information and data management
  • Reduce man-hours required – less time for calculations and data analysis
  • Reduce waste and off-spec with greater precision and repeatability
  • Cut downtime with more timely actions and targeted maintenance
  • Increase OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) with optimized line and equipment utilization
  • Cut operational cost – thanks to all of the above
Carton packages on distribution line