​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Block forming equipment​ for cheese

Block forming is done by putting the salted curd chips into a curd distribution tank (CDT) then transferring it by means of vacuum, through pipes, into block forming columns.

Because the chips have been salted and acidified, they have to be forced to fuse into blocks. Traditionally this was achieved by pressing, but the modern vacuum technique reduces the time required from 16 hours to just 20 minutes. Bag loading, vacuum sealing and cartoning complete the process.

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Tetra Pak Blockformer system 6

Tetra Pak® Blockformer system 6 for cheddar cheese

Tetra Pak Blockformer system 6 is a customized, prefabricated and validated blockforming solution for cheddar cheese