​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How to overcome the key challenges in the medium capacity segment

Ice cream producers in the medium capacity segment face three main challenges in their ice cream production. You need to be able to produce a wide range of products to meet the rapidly developing consumer demands. You need to limit your product waste in the transfer step with a highly tolerant gripper. And you need to secure the long-term value of your investment – with a line that offers you high value at a competitive initial investment cost and that is easy to upgrade and can grow with you for the future.

Flexible production to meet rapidly changing demands for new products

You never know what next year will bring in terms of demand for new and more sophisticated products. You need your production to be very agile in making changes to produce more and more new kinds of products and more variations in stick size and shape, swirls and wafer cups for example. Our new best-practice medium capacity extrusion line gives you this flexibility. It enables quick product changeovers. And its high tunnel height handles everything from candy bars to the highest swirls in cones and wafer cups. Finally, the high cooling capacity cools even large cones with high efficiency. It also allows you to easily add and change the equipment on your worktable, as well as extend the worktable with an extra module to meet future needs​.

Ice cream sticks

​​Low initial investment cost – grows with you to meet future demands

For producers with a capacity of up to 18,000 products per hour, securing the long-term value of your investment is a top priority. You need a line that offers a low initial investment – ​but it also needs to be easy to upgrade so it can grow with you and meet future demands. Our best-practice medium capacity extrusion line allows you to start with low capacity and smaller machine, for example, and then lets you upgrade to enable more capacity and more new products as your business grows.

Limiting waste in the transfer step with a highly tolerant gripper​

The transfer step in your production is often the main source of unnecessary waste and minimizing it is essential to your profitability. If products are slightly out of position when being picked up, your typical grippers will not place them correctly into the handling machine and they will go to waste. Our best-practice medium capacity extrusion line however, is designed specifically to solve this issue. It is equipped with a highly tolerant gripper that will always grip the product and place it correctly into the lamella, even when it is slightly out of position. In addition, you can now also adjust the product position in three different directions – on the X, Y and Z axes. This means your products will always be correctly placed, enabling you to reduce waste significantly.​

Ice cream gripper