Ice cream – cool, creamy and delicious

It’s pretty safe to say that everybody loves ice cream. And the variations and flavours seem endless. We have solutions that cover the whole range of delicious ice cream products, from popsicles to ice cream cakes.

Ice cream ranges from offerings with a healthier profile that are low in fat and/or carb content, to indulgent products higher in fat and often including ingredients such as chocolate, nuts and syrups.

Processing and packaging

Tetra Pak is the world-leading, single-source manufacturer and supplier of complete solutions, equipment and consumables for processing and packaging ice cream.

The full range of our ice cream equipment covers raw material storage through mix preparation to continuous freezing and inclusion systems. Our production solutions include the extrusion, moulding, filling, hardening and packaging of stick products, cups, cones, sandwiches, cakes and family packs. In fact, we cover the entire range of ice cream products.

Learn more about our processing solutions for ice cream.

Based on our long experience, we can help you develop innovative and attractive ice cream products. Learn more about ice cream consumables, recipes and product ideas.

Ice Cream Cases & White Papers

Lactose-free ice cream scoops

Processing applications for lactose-free/lactose-reduced ice cream

Demand for lactose-free/lactose-reduced ice cream is booming. Here’s what you need to know about how to make it – from small batches to continuous production.

Vanilla, pear and chocolate ice cream in a bowl

Processing applications for plant-based frozen desserts

We offer you state-of-the-art equipment for processing and packaging delicious plant-based frozen desserts – from small batches to continuous production.

Elsebeth Baungaard and Per Henrik Hansen

Ice cream production with large inclusions

White paper about extruded ice cream products with large inclusions.

R&R Ice cream - the topping of success

R&R Ice cream - the topping of success

R&R Ice Cream brings tasty ice cream in sticks, cones, sandwiches, bars and tubs to European consumers and are now also producing its own sweet sauces

Henning-Olsen ice cream sticks

The art of large inclusions at ice cream producer Hennig-Olsen Is

Learn how Norway’s Hennig-Olsen Is effectively produces ice cream with large chunks.

Bachir Ice Cream

Step by step with ​​​​​​​​​​Ba​chir Ice Cream​, the king of Lebanese ice cream

For Lebanese Bachir Ice Cream a good ice cream recipe is not enough. It needs to be combined with optimal processing technology and knowledge

Ice cream sandwich

Inspiration for your ​​​​next ice cream product

This summer, we asked people around the world to get creative and send us their freshest ideas for ice-cream. Read the report with the winning ideas

People at Hansen Flødeis

Taste is king at Hansens Flødeis

Hansens Flødeis, a premium ice cream producer in Denmark, uses three generations of freezers, all from Tetra Pak in their ice cream production.

Woman scooping ice cream

Only the best is good enough for premium ice cream brand Bruno Gelato

As a premium ice cream brand, Bruno Gelato is dependent on two things: high-quality ingredients and having a reliable and consistent production process.

More Ice cream cases and articles

Looking at data reports

Optimise your operations

Tetra Pak offers a range of products, upgrades and services that enable you to optimise your commercial ice cream manufacturing operations.

Digitalising ice cream

The digitalisation of ice cream

What does the future hold for commercial ice cream production? We explore the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation.

illustration of ice cream one -stop shop

Everything you need for ice cream

A one-stop offer covering all aspects of commercial ice cream production, including product development, processing and packaging solutions plus services.