Global change requires new ways of thinking

Innovation is the spark of progress. A catalyst for change driven by the right ideas. At Tetra Pak, our commitment to make food safe and available everywhere requires that we rethink our global challenges and work to solve things in a better way.

Protecting food, people and the planet

To us, innovation means empowering our customers to achieve high standards of food safety and availability for people all over the world. And it means protecting the planet by leading the sustainability transformation across the value chain, to minimise the use of resources and optimise the lifecycle of everything we produce. Simply put, innovation enables us to deliver on our commitment to protect food, people and the planet.
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Developing the food package of the future

One of our key innovation efforts is to deliver the world’s most sustainable food package. The aim is to create cartons made solely from plant-based materials that are fully renewable, fully recyclable and carbon-neutral. We call it: Go nature. Go carton.

Creating more sustainable food systems

We’re committed to shaping a future with secure and sustainable food systems: to increase access to safe food, reduce food loss and waste, and create sustainable value chains.
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