​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cooking & stretching equipment for cheese

To achieve the proper fibrous structure found in pasta filata "plastic curd", the curd must undergo plasticizing and kneading treatment while being heated in a cooker stretcher.

These cooking and stretching machines employ various methods to achieve optimal results including single auger water heating, dual counter rotating auger water heating, or dry cooking designs. Tetra Pak offers all three options and can help you determine the best solution for your application with our Cheese Technologists and Technical Line Solutions team.​

Cooking & Stretching Equipment

Tetra Pak Cooker Stretcher DDA

Tetra Pak Cooker Stretcher DDA

Employing patented heated auger technology, the Tetra Pak® Cooker Stretcher DDA provides higher yield, more flexibility and a reduced environmental impact.


Tetra Pak Cooker Stretcher SAW 8/16

A high-capacity Cooker and Stretcher unit that feeds multiple moulding machines. Gentle handing of curd, with a single low-speed auger in the baffle chamber

Tetra Pak® Cooker Stretcher DAW 2/6

Tetra Pak Cooker Stretcher DAW 2/6

Dual overlapped augers enable thorough mixing and stretching of a broad spectrum of pasta filata cheeses. Compact, space-saving design

etra Pak® Cooker Stretcher DAW 10​

Tetra Pak Cooker Stretcher DAW 10

The Tetra Pak Cooker Stretcher DAW 10 is a high capacity mixing and streching equipment for cheese. High capacity is possible thanks to two sets of dual augers