Skills Management – oversight and control, for you and your staff

Raise the bar for your workers’ skills by spurring competence development, ensuring compliance and improving oversight. Access high-value skill matrices that display the sequence of the tasks. Notice and act on gaps with tracking and compliance functionality. And – last but not least – motivate your staff to continuous training and development.
Operators measuring and monitoring, spare parts

They are definitely more engaged!”

“I’m happy to see that our operators are seeking self-development, seeking information, and standardising daily procedures. There is overall improved operational behaviour. And new operators learn correctly from the beginning.”

Dairy and beverage producer, Southeast Asia
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Tracking enables improving

You, as a manager:
  • Can manage your workforce skills more effectively
  • Can oversee and track competences and compliance
  • Can reduce training time

Your operational employees:
  • Are empowered to control their own development
  • Can follow their status and progress
  • Feel more satisfied and motivated at work

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