Tackling the waste challenge

To improve collection, sorting and recycling, we are collaborating with stakeholders across the recycling value chain – and we design our paper-based carton packages to increase the fibre content and use of recycled materials.

Read the stories that are starting to make this happen.

A hand holding a recycling information folder

Red Reciclo: collaborating to drive the circular economy and improve waste management in Colombia

We’ve joined forces with other brands in the Red Reciclo industry coalition to promote the implementation of EPR towards a circular economy.

Package with digital watermarking on kitchen counter

Video: HolyGrail 2.0 digital watermarks – a collaborative effort for the accurate sorting of packaging

We joined the European Brands Association on the HolyGrail 2.0 Digital Watermarks Initiative to develop digital watermarking technologies for accurate sorting.

Office with panel board from recycled cartons

Tetra Pak and Morcas collaborate to establish recycling facility for carton packages

We support Morcas in their efforts to recycle the entire carton package to produce panel boards and to expand collection infrastructure.

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Food systems

Shaping lives and food systems
Find out how we're working towards transitioning to secure, sustainable and resilient food systems.
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Towards a circular future
Find out what we're doing worldwide to improve the collection & recycling of beverage cartons.
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Addressing the emissions
Find out what we're doing to contribute to lowering climate footprint across the entire value chain.
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Restoring nature
Find out how we are using renewable resources to protect and restore nature.
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Social sustainability

Empowering people
Find out what we’re doing to protect and empower people by respecting human rights throughout the value chain.
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Tetra Pak Sustainability Report

Committed to the Future

Our annual Sustainability Report provides a comprehensive picture of how we are collaborating across the globe to contribute to the sustainable development of the food & beverage industry.

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Purpose drives our sustainability approach

Our sustainable approach is driven by our purpose, and we focus on food systems, climate, nature, circularity, and social sustainability.

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