Promoting children’s health and education

The first school milk programme using Tetra Pak packages was introduced in Mexico in 1962 and still reaches millions of children today.  Since then, we have supported our customers and collaborated with governments, NGOs, the UN and international development aid agencies to provide technical assistance in programme organisation, implementation, evaluation, environmental education, and advise on food safety and quality controls in schools by sharing global best practices.


Read about the impact these programmes have on children and communities worldwide.

Two Chinese children drinking milk in a classroom

Leading the way in milk safety at schools in China

Tetra Pak is part of a collaborative initiative to improve milk safety in schools connected to the School Milk Program in China.


Playing our part in school feeding in Bolivia

Tetra Pak have worked together with the local food processing industry to improve school feeding programmes across Bolivia.

School children in Japan recycling

History and tradition of school milk in Japan

Tetra Pak is working with schools across to Japan to solve the challenge of child malnourishment and promote environmental education.

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Food systems

Shaping lives and food systems
Find out how we're working towards transitioning to secure, sustainable and resilient food systems.
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Towards a circular future
Find out what we're doing worldwide to improve the collection & recycling of beverage cartons.
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Addressing the emissions
Find out what we're doing to contribute to lowering climate footprint across the entire value chain.
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Restoring nature
Find out how we are using renewable resources to protect and restore nature.
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Social sustainability

Empowering people
Find out what we’re doing to protect and empower people by respecting human rights throughout the value chain.
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Tetra Pak Sustainability Report

Committed to the Future

Our annual Sustainability Report provides a comprehensive picture of how we are collaborating across the globe to contribute to the sustainable development of the food & beverage industry.

Woman in the sunset

Purpose drives our sustainability approach

Our sustainable approach is driven by our purpose, and we focus on food systems, climate, nature, circularity, and social sustainability.

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