We have an open, collaborative mindset

Building on a long tradition of innovation, we always aim to keep open minds and make room for the best ideas. That means embracing a collaborative way of working and bringing many perspectives to the table. As digital technology evolves, we strive to ensure we are always working with the latest and greatest developments. All this helps us solve our customers’ tough food and beverage challenges.

Innovation is in our DNA

Nearly 70 years ago, our founder Ruben Rausing declared that a package should save more than it costs. That led to the invention of the tetrahedron package, a revolution in food packaging technology. We’ve changed the game again and again – and we’re committed to continuing that well into the future.

Food safety and availability

Our leading-edge technology combined with our ever-growing food safety expertise empowers our customers to deliver consistent, high-quality products.

Open innovation creates opportunities

We’ve created an ecosystem of collaboration parties and partners spanning institutions and academies, start-ups, suppliers and customers. This diversity lets us broaden our competencies and capabilities – continuously.

Innovating with customers

We combine our capabilities and expertise with the know-how of our customers. By continuously raising the bar, we help our customers seize new growth opportunities and empower them to achieve higher standards and leading-edge food innovations every day.

Innovation driven by top talent

At Tetra Pak, our innovations for the food and beverage industry touch millions of lives every day. And we need the brightest minds to keep delivering on our promise to protect food, people and the planet.

Innovating with startups

Together with startups, we explore ideas, push technology forward and co-develop solutions that create new opportunities for our partners, customers and the future of the food industry.

Do you have an invention within our field of business?

Do you, or your company, have an invention that could be revolutionary for the food packaging industry in the future, or simply a technology, method or design that could support the packaging of food products for tomorrow's consumers? Tetra Pak may welcome and have an interest in the further development, if your invention meets the need for Tetra Pak's present or future product portfolio.
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