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Two girls eating ice cream

Four ice cream trends – and what they mean for you as a producer

We look at four key global trends in ice cream and how you can capitalize on them.

Tetra Pak and Tortoise podcast

Keeping food safe while decarbonising our world

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a lot on hold – but tackling the threat to our climate can’t wait. How can we feed the world sustainably whilst also decarbonising it?

Woman with cows, Dairy hubs

Customers praise remote Dairy Hub training programme

Through our Dairy Hub model, we participate to build local dairy value chains by providing technical assistance to smallholder farmers, supporting our dairy customers' ability to collect more quality milk

Turkey zero waste project

Zero Waste Project teaches Turkey’s school children about protecting nature

Tetra Pak is a partner in the Zero Waste Project, an education programme aimed at teaching school children in Turkey about the importance of protecting nature


Flexible working arrangements

Growing numbers of Tetra Pak personnel around the world are benefiting from flexible working arrangements giving employees more flexibility in where they work

New recycling partnership in russia

New carton recycling partnership in Russia

Tetra Pak has joined forces with L-PAK, a leading producer of corrugated carton in Russia, to launch a new state-of-the-art recycling line for cartons

Green roof project in Thailand

Green roof project - providing shelter through recycling

The Green Roof Project is celebrating a decade of helping people in distress while championing carton collection and recycling in Thailand.

Tetra Pak team Binh Duong Vietnam

Reducing our impact through “green buildings”

In addition to the efficiency of our production processes, the quality of our buildings makes a significant difference to the sustainability of our operations.

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Harnessing the opportunities of digitalisation and connectivity

Digitalisation and connectivity are changing the food and beverage industry as we know it. They offer unprecedented opportunities to increase food safety

FSC™-labelled package

Milestone for FSC™-labelled packages

Tetra Pak reached a new significant milestone in early 2019, with the total number of FSC-labelled packages delivered passing the 500 billion mark.

Mario Abreu, Vice President Sustainability, Tetra Pak

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Joining forces to improve the value of recycling​

​We are working with an increased number of recyclers and other recycling chain stakeholders to drive a viable and sustainable business solution.

Tetra Pak mottostamp

2018 Leadership Excellence Awards

The 2018 Leadership Excellence Awards went to Bulent Kozak, the Factory Director of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

School children in Japan recycling

History and tradition of school milk in Japan

Tetra Pak is working with schools across to Japan to solve the challenge of child malnourishment and promote environmental education.

Children recycling milk cartons

Collaboration is powerful

Sustainable paper industry. Tetra Pak collaborates with recycling companies all over the world for recycling of beverage cartons

Dairy Hub in Kenya

New Dairy Hub project in Kenya increases productivity

Tetra Pak is working with Uplands Dairy in Kenya to revitalise the dairy sector by providing technical assistance to smallholder farmers

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Toward 100% Renewable Electricity

We see renewable energy as key to our carbon reduction strategy. The two latest years we have reached 50 percent renewable electricity consumption.

Employees talking

Carbon Pricing

Tetra Pak is using an internal carbon price to reduce of GHG emissions and encourage investment in renewable energy.

School children in Peru recycling

Innovative product and package design in Peru’s school nutrition programme

Tetra Pak is working with customer and the Peruvian government to bring nutritious products into Peruvian schools and educate about recycling

Mario Abreu, Vice President Sustainability

Why honesty is the best policy when talking about the SDGs

We’ve committed to support all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Find out how aligning to the SDG’s has enabled us to expand our sustainability approach.

A young employee having a conversation with a colleague

My future - learning and development

Our learning and development programmes are designed to build a culture of high performance – where talent is respected, recognised and rewarded.

Roberto Franchitti

Q&A with Roberto Franchitti

Here, we talk about how Tetra Pak reduces food waste, and how cutting the operational impact of our customers adds up to make a big difference.

Forest from above

FSC™ Certification

We see FSC™ as offering a credible universal standard and we actively encourage our customers to display the logo on their packages.

Wooden bungalows

Green Roof - recycling project in Thailand

The Green Roof Project was first launched in 2010, initially for a three-year period, but has proved so successful that it has now been extended to run to 2016.

Automatic paper compressor

​​​​Recycling in Seoul​ - the power of partnership

The collaboration between Tetra Pak and the government of Seoul City is a testament to the power of true partnership and shared commitment.

Tetrar Pak mottostamp

2017 Leadership Excellence Award

​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Leadership Excellence Award winner 2017: Guillaume Latourrette. Guillaume has instilled a Customer First mindset throughout the cluster

Gaby Youd

Q&A with Gaby Youd

In this interview, we talk with Gaby Youd about the central role of diversity and inclusion to the long-term success and sustainability of Tetra Pak.​

Jennie Stackebo

Technical Talent Programme

The Technical Talent Programme is an opportunity to develop your technical skillset, gain practical experience, create a network and tackle real-life challenges

Children drinking milk in Senegal

Partnering to fulfil Senegal's potential

We are working with local farmers to develop the dairy value chain and get more fresh milk into schools improving food, education and nutrition for children

Children receiving milk at a school in Burundi

A new programme to improve children's nutrition and school attendance in Burundi

Tetra Pak is supporting our customer, the newly founded local company Modern Dairy Burundi, to help boost the nutrition of 20,000 children

Children recycling in Japan

Schools make recycling fun in Japan

Our educational Bellmark school program helps spread information about carton recycling throughout Japan, increasing the number of cartons people recycle.

Colourful cartoons

Colourful cartoons

By engaging children in recycling through clever use of colourful cartoons and an interactive website, UK schools are changing the future.

Little things renew nature

Little Things Renew Nature

A schools education programme in Turkey, set-up to educate children on how cartons can be recycled and why it’s important, helps create awareness in the region.

Recycling cartons

Expanding recycling infrastructure across the U.S.

Less than ten years ago only 18% of US households had access to carton recycling. Today this has grown to 60%, taking carton recycling mainstream across the US.

Playing for better recycling rates

Playing for better recycling rates

After almost doubling the carton recycling rate in just four years, by 2020 we’re aiming for 50% of all beverage cartons in Sweden to be recycled.

Recycling Brazil

Celebrating recycling routes

Recycling Route is a search engine for recycling through curbside collection in Brazil created by Tetra Pak Brazil together with Waze that was launched in 2008.

Woman smiling

Classrooms from cartons

In schools and cities across India we’ve rolled out an initiative to increase the recycling of used beverage cartons.


Playing our part in school feeding in Bolivia

Tetra Pak have worked together with the local food processing industry to improve school feeding programmes across Bolivia.

Strawbetty yoghurt, Tetra Top

Drinking yoghurt: moving away from plastic

Our customer Skånemejerier turned to us to assist for for a sustainable alternative carton package for beverages to be consumed on-the-go

A nutritious start for youngsters

A nutritious start for youngsters

The school milk programme has been widely accepted by the children and the community. Enrollment and drop-out rates have improved considerably in targeted school

Three employees working discussing

Tetra Pak Academy

Tetra Pak Academy offers a comprehensive business-driven learning portfolio that can be aligned with individual development needs.

Man recycling

Partnering to change consumer behaviour

Through our membership in the Swiss beverage carton association, we have played an important role in facilitating a partnership to change consumer behaviour.

Boy holding carton

Raising awareness of FSC™

Around the world we are supporting initiatives that increase understanding of sustainable forestry and encourage consumers to make responsible choices.

Morgan and computer

Partnership in action in Sri Lanka, Dairy Hubs

A new Dairy Hub initiative in Sri Lanka’s war-torn north-east is building capacity in the dairy industry – and transforming the lives of local farers.

People, The Green Roof Project

The Green Roof Project

The Green Roof Project was first launched in 2010, initially for a three-year period, but has proved so successful that it has been extended to run to 2016

Loose milk distribution

Educating consumers

Consumers still buy loose milk that has been poured into plastic bags or used bottles. Studies have repeatedly shown the dangers of drinking such milk.

Informed and engaged consumers can make a difference

Successful recycling relies on consumers doing their part. Through building awareness and engagement consumers can be inspired to recycle as much as possible.

Keeping it local

Around half of consumers say they have made a purchase specifically to support local businesses during the pandemic.

Avoiding over-packaging

More than half of global respondents now say that they “really care” about how food and beverages are packaged.

Worries about waste

Waste is a growing concern, with food waste and wasteful packaging cited as leading environmental issues by three-quarters of respondents.

Concern for climate change

Global warming/climate change is still high on the list of environmental issues, cited by 78% of respondents.

Summary and conclusions

The top ten takeaways from Tetra Pak Index 2021 on the topic how the COVID-19 pandemic has “rewired” consumer demands

Working to expand recycling capacity and solutions

By engaging with paper and plastic recyclers around the world, recycling capacity can be scaled and optimised to increase recycling rates.

Building strong collection and sorting systems

Collection for recycling can be taken to the next level by working together across the world to expand and strengthen collection and sorting systems.

A future with sustainable openings and less litter

Almost a third of all plastic packaging is never collected for recycling. Through innovative packaging design we can reduce plastic litter in our environment.

school children kenya

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​School milk programme in Kenya increases enrolment rates ​

Lisa Ryden

Q&A with Lisa Ryden

Here, we talk with Lisa Ryden, Director of Recycling, to her about our company’s longstanding pioneering approach to recycling and circular economy