The key takeaways

We spoke to 5,000 consumers and numerous experts around the world to better understand the topics reshaping food and beverage: from physical as well as mental health, to new food and the environment, to tensions around technology and more.

Download this infographic to explore the top ten lessons we took from this year’s data, and then read the report to dig deeper into the numbers for yourself.

Global attitudes and trends

Student with calculator and coffee

Today’s consumers

74% of consumers are interested in products that offer specific health claims. Learn more about what’s behind this demand as well as the other attitudes that define today’s consumers.

Hydro farming

Tomorrow’s opportunities

What impact could an 11% market share for alternative proteins have on industry decarbonisation? Find out and discover other opportunities for the future of food and beverages.

“We are in an exciting phase…”

In the introduction to this year’s Tetra Pak Index, our President & CEO Adolfo Orive shares his thoughts about what is driving the post-pandemic consumer. This includes a continued focus on health, along with new food innovation and cost-of-living considerations. There are also concerns to navigate as consumers see technology as the key to the future of food.