​​​​​​​​​​Benefit from our equipment and expertise

Making the switch from can to Tetra Recart®

Experts at the Food Development Centre will guide you through the process, providing answers to your questions. For example, do you need to adapt your recipe? Do you need a different type of filler? Is your product suitable for Tetra Recart®?

While adapting your recipes for the new package, why not take the opportunity to make improvements or try out something new? We have many years of experience in this area, so you can expect the process to be completed in days. Get advice on fine-tuning your product for specific markets, and on technical matters such as filling and sealing.

Tetra Pak chef and customer in the food lab

​​Bringing your ideas to life

Peter Brunkestam is Product Development Chef at the Food Development Centre, with a passion for food that translates into exciting new products for your business. “Customers generally want to find out how their existing recipe turns out in our packaging system. So, we make some samples together. If the customer is interested, we then also develop a few offshoots from their basic recipe,” he says. Read interview with Peter​

Accelerate your product development

What about entirely new products to exploit the opportunities Tetra Recart packaging brings? Whether you are a long-standing Tetra Recart customer or a start-up company, we can help you accelerate your product development. Together, we can experiment with new combinations of flavours and textures — all without impacting your regular production. Read more about how to accelerate your product development​

Our mobile test unit and chefs come to you

There are many ways to benefit from the Food Development Centre’s equipment and expertise. You don’t have to come us; we can send our mobile test units to you, wherever you are. With a unit on your own premises, it’s easy to explore ways to revitalise your brand with new recipes or wholly new products — at minimal cost and without disturbing your normal production. Choose between our small-scale manual or large-scale automatic test units, depending on your needs. Read more about our mobile test unit​​​

Changes driven by consumer food trends

Several consumer trends are influencing the direction of the food industry. For example, the drive for responsible consumption means an increasing number of consumers now choose vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian diets. Busy, urban dwellers also want convenience, which means more online shopping – for groceries, meal kits, prepared food and even pet food. Meanwhile, travellers, migrant groups and adventurous eaters are all looking for authentic food experiences as part of what we call the ‘heritage and provenance’ trend. Explore the trends and learn how Tetra Recart packaging can help food producers live up to modern consumers’ expectations.​​ Read more about food trends