Tetra Pak® Exact Weight String
Tetra Pak® Exact Weight String

Say goodbye to give-away

  • Offers the highest precision string cheese production in the industry
  • Reduces overfill (give-away) to an absolute minimum, generating huge savings over time
  • Fully automated system – once activated, requires minimal human intervention

​​​​​Tetra Pak® Exact Weight String​

Machine for precision moulding and cutting of string cheese


Up to 340 kg/hr


Pasta filata


Patented volumetric filling

Dramatically reduces variations

In contrast to traditional extrusion process, this system eliminates the risk of diameter and length variations. The extrusion tube feeds directly into the mould cavity, maintaining the exact volume required. This unique method reduces variations in output to below 0.5 grams – well below the industry average.

Mould casettes

Mould casettes

Enable a variety of cheese diameters

The unit is built on modules, which means that when you want to produce sticks of a different cheese diameter - within the range of14mm (0.55”) to 20.64mm (0.81”) - only the three mould cassettes and pins need to be changed. The switch can be performed in just a few minutes.

Overhead vision system

Confirms that all moulds are filled

A vision system placed above the mould pins detects when all the mould cavities have been filled and activates the patented cutting mechanism. This eliminates the need for sensors in the product area – increasing reliability and reducing the risk of product contamination.

Tool-free disassembly

Easy cleaning

All the modules that are in contact with the product can be disassembled without tools. The detachable parts can be placed in a COP tank or cabinet washer for cleaning, while the body of the machine is spray-washed.