Helping our customers thrive

One way we can support our customers is by helping them invest wisely in new products or processes – particularly when it comes to sustainability issues. For example, our total life cost of ownership tool weigh-ups capital expenditures versus long-term operating costs, as well as maintenance needs versus environmental performance. This allows us to calculate the total cost of ownership over the life of the equipment or product.

Our Expert Services help our customers measure, benchmark, and improve their performance across all areas of operations and food protection. One of the focus areas of this service is Environment, which looks at everything from water efficiency and wastewater treatment, to energy efficiency, product yield, waste and carbon emissions.

Our Expert Services in action

- A juice producer in North America asked us to help them reduce their environmental impact. After a seven-week project, our customer saw a 20 percent reduction in CO2 emissions, a 30 percent reduction in water use and a cost saving of half a million Euros.

- A dairy customer in Asia needed to dramatically cut its water consumption. After they followed our recommendation to install new valves, the company saw a water saving of 40 percent, as well as a reduction in cleaning agent and an increase in cleaning results.

- A dairy customer in Europe asked us to help them reduce their electricity use. By following our recommendation to upgrade their pumps (which now run using 40 percent less electricity), the company reduced its operating costs and its running costs.

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In Sweden, we offer access to the Process Development Centre. This flexible pilot facility allows customers to confidentially develop and test new food and beverage products, while evaluating and optimising their processing and packaging solutions. Our expert team is on hand to offer planning support, on-target operation and rapid adjustment of parameters.​