How to increase your machine uptime during a major planned maintenance with Maintenance Units?

Have you ever met the following situations
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High Demand of Production Time

High demand of production time with products like fresh milk with a limited available high speed production line. A major planned maintenance event is scheduled a few days later, is there any way to shorten the downtime for the coming planned maintenance?



No preform regular maintenance which often leads to a sudden breakdown and causes losses. Maintenance costs are unpredictable as well.


Extra Administration Time and Costs

More than hundreds of parts are required for a major planned maintenance. Additional time and resource are needed to sort out the parts before planned maintenance. How to minimize these extra administration time and cost?

Shorten Maintenance Time and Increase Equipment Performance and Reliability

To shorten maintenance time and increase equipment performance and reliability, Tetra Pak has developed Maintenance Units.  They are made up of many parts that together perform a function in the machine, streaminling the handling of parts and maintenance.

Maintenance Units are complete plug and play units. Tetra Pak's service engineers replace an entire unit, rather than examining and changing individual parts on-site. Each unit is pre-assembled, pre-set and tested, so it requires a minimum of fine-tuning as with single parts replacement. 

There are 65 different types of units with different functionality. Among them, maintenance Units for Filling Machine TBA 19, TBA/22 , A/3 Flex and A/3 Speed include Pressure & Cutting Jaws, Peroxide Pump, Yokes, and Final Folder Wheels etc. are more commonly used by our customers.

Key Benefits of Maintenance Units

Tetra Pak® Parts

•  High-quality genuine parts
•  Warranty on supplied parts
•  Broad assortment
•  World-class service level
•  Flexible delivery options
•  Emergency service
•  Parts logistics solutions

Added value Maintenance Units

✓  Simplified order and delivery flow
✓  Quicker installation
✓  Efficient maintenance
✓  Long term cost savings and cost predictability

Simplified order and delivery flow from beginning to end and total time saving

The whole process is simplified with Maintenance Units, compared to using single parts.
There are fewer steps, and every step is quicker, which saves both downtime and work hours

Improve Maintenance Efficiency, Greatly Reduce Downtime, and Increase Available Production Uptime

The graph below gives you a quick overview of how many hours it is possible to save when using Maintenance Units instead of single spare parts. The 10 most frequently used Maintenance Unit families are presented in the table.

Long term cost savings and cost predictability

The price of a Maintenance Unit is lower than the sum of all the included parts if you were to buy them separately

And don't forget the other benefits:

  • Reduce spare parts inventory
  • No capital tied up in stock
  • Less space for stocking

Maintenance Units with Return

The Maintenance Units assortment consists of two identically number suites; 1284xxx-xxxx (new and reconditioned parts) and 1332xxx-xxxx (only new parts), always with the latest functionality.

Re-conditioning not only reduces cost and environmental impact, it also often improves the features of the part. Whenever a Reconditioned Maintenance Unit is shipped out from Tetra Pak to customer site. A USED Maintenance Unit is expected to be returned within 5 Weeks after receipt of the replacement Refurbished Maintenance Unit.

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See our case studies:

Increase uptime and reliability

Installing two Pressure Jaws on TBA/8

Total uptime increase:

↑ 12 hours = 72,000 packs

Decrease downtime during overhaul of the jaw system.

Installing Cutting Jaw and Pressure Jaw on TBA/19. Compare to single parts on identical line during a two-year period.

Uptime increase after the first overhaul:

↑ 19 hours = 142,500 packs

Total uptime increase after the second overhaul:

↑ 55 hours  = 416,250 packs

Work hours saved in ordering and sorting spare parts:

↓ -75%

Efficiency increase:

↑ 3% = 225 pack/h

Compare Maintenance Units to conventional single spare parts for servicing sophisticated distribution equipment

Performing the same service on two identical pieces of distribution equipment.

Time single parts:

5.5 hours

Time Maintenance Unit:

2 hours

Uptime increase:

↑ 3.5 hours

If you would like to order maintenance units, please contact your responsible SKAM or Sales Administration Centre for more information. For more information on Maintenance Units, please contact us.

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